Exclusive Video – How to Create Your Own Fame Using Social Media

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Watch the video above to see me speaking at Marie Forleo’s Rich, Happy & Hot Live event - this has never been released before!

Did this video give you any “a-ha”s on building your own fame? Please leave them in the comments below.

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About Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who teaches small businesses how to become well-known and claim their brand online. She is the creator of LKR Social Media Marketer and Creating Fame and author of Facebook Fame: The Facebook Marketing Bible For The Small Business.


  1. Dang woman, every word was an a-ha. I’m so glad I found you in the early days of my business!!! THANK YOU

  2. This is probably one of the most useful videos I’ve ever seen! I am someone who overthinks everything — to the point where I wind up doing nothing because I’m too busy planning it in my head. Making things automatic with the tools you have recommended will help me a lot! I will probably watch this video a few times just to make sure I got everything.

  3. Hey Laura!

    Thank you SO SO much for sharing this video with all of us! You are absolutely amazing and gave us soo much value! THANK YOU!

    The Rich, Happy, and Hot event sounds amazing! I really wish I could go! Hopefully next year ;)

    Many blessings to you girl, in everything that you do, in personal life, as well as business. Much success!!


  4. So amazing Laura! I got so much out of your video – thank you so much! x Danika

  5. Kristen Engel says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you! I am so grateful that you posted this video training. I took 2 pages of notes that I am going to apply the heck out of starting today. Probably the most valuable piece of advice was to not get caught up in the how-to technical details of social media. Just focus on relationship building. I feel like you came into my head and helped me clear the clutter. Thank you for the clarity:)

  6. Dear Laura, it was lovely to be at your party last night. Send gong-woman our good wishes please.

    I appreciated the reminder to write the answer to the question that you are asked the most. The question I am asked the most in my niche is “where do I start”.

    This reminder has inspired me to write not only a post answering “where do I start?” but also to work harder on my “Start Here!” blog page.

    Going to snuggle up on the sofa now with my kindle, guess what I’m reading?

    warm wishes from Cambridge UK

  7. Gorgeous!

    Getting people off the technical is what I spend much of my day doing as a content specialist. Relationships are everything, and you eloquently made that clear.

    Also, giving people a leg up on guest posting not only helps your clients get their message out to new audiences (and build links on their sites), it gives beautiful variety for those of us who dig through masses of blogs… we all love fresh perspectives.

    I love how you empower people and keep to the big picture. Kudos!

  8. Excellent presentation laura regards of Peru…

    Beautiful smile..^^

  9. Good post!! Very helpful!

  10. Hi Laura! Great video. I watched the entire thing in three sittings. Working on a few projects now and collecting inspiration when the going gets rough. :-)

    I especially like the reminder that things can be very basic – we’re creating content for our audience, not necessarily our peers. Keeping that idea in mind allowed me to write two blog posts this week, and it’s only Wednesday!

    Keep up the good work…

  11. Thanks Laura! I got alot of value out of this video. I love your straight-to-the point way of explaining things. I have been stuck in the technical side of things for way tooo long and watching this video helps me feel more capable of just moving forward.

    Thank you again.


  12. This was fantastic. As a participant in social media for several years, I feel like I am familiar enough with the “how-to” that my efforts should be more successful. But I’ve been missing the “why” – to build relationships! I also liked the reminder that we’re establishing ourselves as experts to our potential customers, not to our peers. Thanks so much for sharing.

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