Criticism Got You Down? 8 Tips To Overcome Negative People

Lisa Cash Hanson

Eleanor Roosevelt once said “You wouldn’t worry so much about what other people thought if you realized how seldom they do.” As entrepreneurs, one of our main business goals should be to achieve high levels of success and hopefully be presented with amazing opportunities along the way. My blog, Mompreneur Mogul, recently had one of… [Read More]

The Truth About How to Make Money with Twitter

In this video, you’ll learn: how to make money in Twitter how to use Twitter as a source for leads and relationship building How do you make money with Twitter?  Share in the comments below.

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Part 5: 7 Tips To Get Targeted Followers

You’ve got your Pinterest site set-up, learned that service businesses can utilize Pinterest, got some hot SEO tips  and even brushed up on your social media networking etiquette.Let’s wrap up our Ultimate Guide to Pinterest and get some followers. Show Off Your Brand People need to know about your company and be exposed to who… [Read More]

9 WordPress Plugins To Help Your Blog Run Without You

Niall Doherty

The bigger your blog gets, the less time you can afford to spend sweating the small stuff. Luckily, there are a bunch of free WordPress plugins out there that will happily sweat the small stuff for you. Get these bad boys up and running, then let automation work its magic. 1. WP Status Notifier Looking… [Read More]

Who Are All of These People Following Me on Twitter?

In this video you’ll learn about… various ways people can find you on Twitter is it okay for random people to follow me?   How do you find people to follow on Twitter? Share your comments below.

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Part 4: Have Some Etiquette

Just as all social media networks have some sort of etiquette for using their site, Pinterest and its users expect some common etiquette tips, too. Check out these simple tips and bring something to the Pinterest game. Avoid TOO much self-promotion I know, I know we’ve been talking all about promoting your small business via… [Read More]

Updating Your Blog To Twitter

In this video you’ll learn about… whether or not to put a link to all of your blog posts on Twitter why it’s important to link to your blog posts on your Twitter how often to link blog posts How often do you put a link to your blog posts on Twitter? Share your comments… [Read More]

Twitter Marketing For the Solopreneur

Should your Twitter handle be your name or your company’s name? Logo or your face for the picture? Should you speak as your company or yourself? And how exactly does one get clients from Twitter anyway? These questions are especially challenging for the one-man-show who is toeing the line between “business” and “personal”. That’s why… [Read More]

The Ultimate Pinterest Guide Part Three: Search Engine Optimization For Pinterest

pinterest description

Thought search engine optimization doesn’t come into play when working social media sites? Think again! Everything you do for your business should help get your name out there and rank in the search engines. With a little SEO knowledge on your side, you can make your social media activity charge up your rankings on Google…. [Read More]

Unleash Your Creative Genius on Your Business Plan

Jennifer Peek

Business Plan.  Creative Genius. Rather than being an oxymoron, these two ideas are what can firm up your business foundation and actually give you more creative freedom as an entrepreneur.  The truth is that a good business plan and strategy make you more creative – not less.  Without a plan, you are stuck being reactive… [Read More]