How to Find and Get the Most Out of Your Most Effective Emails

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Do you know which emails you send to your mailing list perform the best?

Do you track opens, clicks, spam complaints at least? What about emails that lead directly to sales or replies to you?

If you aren’t doing this on a regular basis, you are missing out on the chance to discover what really matters to your readers.

Today, we’re going to go through some easy to follow and decipher metrics to finding those emails and other pieces of communication that get your readers/audience/customers replying and interacting with you like crazy!

Then, I’m going to show you exactly what to do with that info once you know the superstar emails!

Expect to see some real examples from the LKR archives too!

We’ve been watching, taking note and learning so much about our readers, that we figured, why not share with you how to do the same thing.

Set up analytics in your email marketing system

Say you’re launching.  You’ve got a series of emails that goes out over a few week period.  You want to be watching them like a hawk.

Watch – clicks, unsubscribes, complaints, shares, and monitor any questions or replies that come in as a direct result of the emails.  You also want to make sure you set up a way to track when people click on links that lead to sales.

Systems like aweber and mailchimp do have some ability to monitor metrics, but it takes some setting up.  Infusionsoft has a way to tag people when they click on any link and you can even add Google Analytics code in the source code of the order form.

Ask an expert trained in your email marketing system to set this tracking up.  Odesk is a great way to find someone to do this one off type project especially when you are on a limited budget.

The stats aren’t meant to overwhelm you, but at the very least you will be able to look at a specific event or launch or promotion and tell how it performed.

Data – is one of those tricky things that can be a job all on its own – and I won’t deny that it personally makes my head spin!  Thank goodness Laura and Matthias really love the tracking, numbers, stats and ongoing performance!

One email that got constant emails back – we think because it was such a simple email and felt really personal – was one we used to have in our Dash autoresponder. We asked a simple question. Who are you?

And even the Dash-iversary email which tells people when they’ve been a Dash subscriber for a year!


Watch for conversation + response

Another simple way to monitor an email’s response is asking this question – how many direct replies did you get from that email?

If you got a ton of positive (or negative) responses, it’ll tell you a lot about the email, your audience, so you can revise any  upcoming emails in the series!

As in the launch email example above, you might get replies that help you realize there’s a bigger struggle in your audience – one that’s completely different from the one you planned to email out about.

Knowing that info now allows you to go back, re-read and revise those emails if necessary.

In one of our Creating Fame launch emails, Stacey got noted that this really hit a nerve with many people where Laura shares her story of struggle:


And – in our series of emails to customers of Founder Fridays – she regularly gets thank yous which with one personal follow up become amazing relationship builders. This one in particular got a ton of response recently:


And – though we never like to focus or dwell on the negative – it’s good to know when emails DON’T resonate with our readers.  We don’t change things all the time if one person replies with a problem to our communication, but if enough people say the same thing, we take a look at their complaint and ask if we are serving the bigger audience by changing the email.

What to do with your best emails

When you’ve identified your best emails – in your launch sequences, perhaps your autoresponders… there’s only one thing we suggest doing.

Wait for it… wait for it….

Use them again!

When something works – use it again. This is our mantra.

Don’t recreate the wheel. Don’t try to reinvent the process.  Do it again.

I know it seems simple, maybe odd, but if your launch emails work, use them again.

If your autoresponders work to get to know people and they reply to it most of the time, keep using it.

If you send out a promotion that does well – use it again (you might want to touch it up and make sure it stays current)!

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About Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who teaches small businesses how to become well-known and claim their brand online. She is the creator of LKR Social Media Marketer and Creating Fame and author of Facebook Fame: The Facebook Marketing Bible For The Small Business.


  1. Daisy Mesa says:

    Great info! LKR seems to have found the perfect balance between building genuine relationships while still selling your products in your email marketing! I especially like the “Dash-iversary” email you mentioned…Definitely looking forward to the upcoming email marketing course in SMM, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for it! :)

  2. You have fun in your marketing, and it shows, that’s awesome. One useful tip I caught recently in regards to re-using your newsletters is to post them on your website, not necessarily as blog posts, although they could be, but so they work as SEO in-roads, and you are able to direct link users to them, they become a treasure chest instead of archives on your email marketing system.

    I notice half my users either outsource their e-mail marketing because they are a bit scared of it, or never invest in learning the simplest things and so as soon as you mention having an e-mail go out a year after subscribing, I thought, hmm, I wonder what % reading this could actually do that. Do you find your users are generally tech savvy?

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