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Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.

Recipe of the Day: Whipping Up a Mean Batch of Social Media Updates

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Have you heard? The Edgar Blog is home to all kinds of social media strategies, guides, news, and how-to’s! This week, we’re talking about how to prepare social media updates in big batches, and how it can make your marketing way more effective – check out this preview, then click on over to the full… [Read More]

Life After B-School: How to Keep Up Your Momentum and Get Over the “Money Stuff” Holding You Back

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Raise your hand if you hate dealing with money. It’s the worst! Kind of ironic, right? Because for most of us, part of the appeal of becoming an independent entrepreneur is the idea of being in charge of your own money, and finally making what you’re worth…and then we realize just how frustrating that is…. [Read More]

Addressing The “Elephant In The Room” About Marie Forleo’s B-School Program (Plus, B-School Bonus News)

Laura Roeder, Marie Forleo, and Richard Branson

In 2009, I had just moved to LA and was transitioning from being a web designer to my new social media marketing business. I quit web design because I had hit a ceiling – I saw that with my old model, I was putting a cap on how much my business could grow. I was… [Read More]

What It Really Takes To Raise Your Wealth Setpoint To Seven Figures


I’m proud to say that I grew my business to the seven-figure mark within five years of starting. To do that you have to be smart, strategic, and willing to take big leaps into the unknown. You also need to examine your underlying beliefs about making money. Throughout my journey to becoming a seven-figure business… [Read More]

How Marie Forleo’s B-School Turned My Idea Into a Seven-Figure Business

How I Used B-School

Ever had an AMAZING business idea, but weren’t sure how to turn it into a reality? It happens ALL. THE. TIME. And it’s not because people don’t have the drive to make it happen, either! It’s because they don’t have the TOOLS. After all, what good is a sports car if you don’t know how… [Read More]

Steal These Strategies: Instagram Marketing Tactics from the World’s Top Brands

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Think about how much time you sink into promoting your business on Twitter, and then consider this: Instagram is officially more popular. For real! As of December, Instagram has more monthly active users than Twitter. That’s 300 million users and counting, yo. (Twitter is still around 284 million.) So I’ll say it again: think about… [Read More]

This is Why Social Media Customer Service is So Freaking Stressful – and What You Should Be Doing Differently

Whac-A-Mole Game

When it comes to the way you provide customer service on social media, it’s time for you to lower your standards. Just kidding! Obviously social media is a big, big deal when it comes to providing customer service. Where a lot of businesses go wrong, though, is not establishing their own standards for customer service… [Read More]

56% of People Have Unfollowed a Brand on Social Media Because of This – And You Could Be Next

Unfollowing on social media

Not like this is gonna come as a surprise or anything, but we’re at a point right now where 89% of businesses are creating content for social media. It’s like those toothpaste commercials, where they say that 9 out of 10 dentists recommend a certain brand – can’t argue with those numbers, right? The thing… [Read More]

Want to Send Marketing Emails That Actually Make You Money? Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide

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You probably do this every single day. Multiple times a day, even! You open your inbox, see a great big pile of marketing emails, and delete, delete, delete without even opening ‘em. (It’s cool. I do it, too.) And that might make you think things like, why bother with email at all? Nobody fricken’ reads… [Read More]

Bookmark These: Our 16 Most Important, Most Awesome, Most Unskippable Posts From 2014

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Here we are – last blog post of 2014! Between all the guides, case studies, algorithm deep dives, tips, announcements, and all that other good stuff, this blog has published 80-some posts over the course of the year – and today, I’m bringing you a look back at the greatest hits. You want the best… [Read More]