This is What Most Businesses Get Totally Wrong about Social Media

consistency matters

I’m gonna let you in on a little something. I’m going to give you my entire social media marketing strategy, right here, right now, and I’m gonna do it in just two words. Are you ready? Be consistent. “Uh, Laura, that’s cool, but…what?” Okay, okay – I hear you. I’ll elaborate a little bit. Here,… [Read More]

6 Blogs that Make Hiring Technical Help a Breeze

Web Designer Depot

Pivot tables. Graceful degradation. UX/UI. Bounce rate. Caching. Plugins. HTML5. For business owners striving to eke out a living online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the technical jargon bombarding you from every side. Banner ads spout off about email marketing. TV commercials shout at you, “We’ll build you a website AND submit your website… [Read More]

Why You Still Feel Broke Even When Your Business Is Raking It In

J.D. Roth - Founder of Get Rich Slowly

Entrepreneurs aren’t great money managers. That’s not to say they mismanage their business finances – most don’t – but they often struggle to effectively manage their personal economies. My father was a serial entrepreneur. His businesses flourished, but at home he was constantly broke. When dad died, my brothers and I took over his final… [Read More]

Old Content Never Stays Buried Long. Here’s What You Can Do About It

Here lies old web content

You ever wonder what happens to your old web content? Like, the kind that you published on a social network you don’t use anymore, or an ancient blog? Because it doesn’t get sent to a farm upstate where it can run and play with lots of other web content. It goes into a GRAVE. And… [Read More]

How to Tag People in Facebook Statuses and Tweets Like a Boss

Tagging people on social

Twitter turned eight years old last month – if it were a kid, it’d be better than me at fractions already! And just like a person, Twitter has changed over the years. It looks different. It acts differently. It wants to get its ears pierced. It has grown. But you know how they say “the… [Read More]

Social Media Marketing Case Study – How I Earned $10,690 in a Week from Facebook Traffic Alone

$10,000 from Facebook alone

When you read about the value of social media marketing, a lot of the arguments for it focus on the intangible things. You read about things like “expanding your reach,” “connecting with your audience,” and “establishing your presence.” And those are all super important things – heck, they’re things I talk about right here! But… [Read More]

How 25 iPods Inspired Me To Take a Wrecking Ball To My Online Course

Why Relaunch?

If you’ve read this blog before, you know what a fan I am of testing things and making changes. I’m basically a mad scientist when it comes to experimenting with business strategy, always poking and prodding and moving things around to see how they react – all I’m missing is a sweet lab coat and… [Read More]

Why the Social Media “Magic Button” is a Big, Fat Lie

Teaching Ramit - LKR Social Media

I hear it all the time. “I don’t understand why social media isn’t doing anything for my business!” “How are these other guys getting so many fans and followers, and why can’t I?” “Maybe social media marketing just isn’t the solution for me.” And since I hear it all the time, you know what that… [Read More]

List Building on Steroids: 5 Creative Uses for Landing Pages

Screw the Nine to Five Facebook Header

Lead generation isn’t exactly a term that gets most people all jazzed to tackle a new day – except for me. I mean, lately I can’t seem to get enough of this stuff! And what’s better, I’ve stumbled onto some seriously simple but incredibly effective strategies for harnessing the potent power of landing pages. So… [Read More]

The 4-Step Process You Can Use to Sell ANYTHING on Social Media

LKR Social Media: How to Make Money on Social Media

How much do you think a “like” or a retweet is really worth? 50 cents? 50 bucks? How about nothing? Face it – unless you’re turning those online fans into actual customers, all that work you’re doing to build up your online community is never going to (literally) pay off. “I hear you, Laura. Now… [Read More]