Why Beauty is Essential to your Business


Before you decide that this post is a bunch of fluff and that it isn’t for you, what if we told you that adding beauty to your life and brand could actually add $$$ to your bottom line? Got your attention? Good. Beauty isn’t just about vanity, supermodels or the latest fashions on the cover… [Read More]

Making Comparisons: A Lethal Action For You and Your Business

live life happy

If you are a small business owner you can’t help but compare your business to all the others you bump up against each day. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, it’s endless. You are aware of each and every move your competition makes. Is it driving you crazy? It was for me. When I was first starting out,… [Read More]

How to Build a WordPress Membership Site Without Spending a Fortune


If you’re just getting started with blogging, chances are you’re interested in sharing your expertise with the world. But you’re probably not only interested in “one-way” communication with your readers. No, blogging is about building a community. And at some point, you’re going to realize that the people in your community may want to pay… [Read More]

Get Noticed: How to Get Your Image Next To Blog Comments

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Have you ever read a blog (like this one perhaps?) and seen those nifty photos next to the comments? Have you ever thought to yourself – how did those people get their picture to show up? Do you have to be part of some secret internet club? Do they have to smile pretty every time… [Read More]

Make Your Content Shine: Three Professional Tricks to Proofread Your Own Work

Manuscript by Seth Sawyers

As solopreneurs and small business owners, we have an amazing ability to connect with customers, simply by publishing our own content on the Internet. It’s almost a “superpower” if you think about it because we can literally reach millions of people – single-handedly! The better our online content, the better chance we’ll be seen as… [Read More]

From “Oh No” to “Ah Ha!”: 3 Simple Steps to Write a Blog Post From Scratch

Tapping A Pencil by Rennett Stowe

Have you ever pulled up an empty screen trying to conjure a blog post that just won’t come? Follow these tips and write a blog post from scratch. Photo by Rennett Stowe The First Step – Choose Your Topic Coming up with a great topic is simple: you are writing for your customer. Just address… [Read More]

Get Some Social Proof: Put Your Blog on Kindle

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Did you know that you can get big exposure for your blog by listing it in the Kindle marketplace for free? (Props to Kaneisha who first told me about this.) To get started, go to https://kindlepublishing.amazon.com and sign up for a free account. Provide them with your blog URL, add a snapshot of your homepage… [Read More]

9 WordPress Plugins To Help Your Blog Run Without You

Niall Doherty

The bigger your blog gets, the less time you can afford to spend sweating the small stuff. Luckily, there are a bunch of free WordPress plugins out there that will happily sweat the small stuff for you. Get these bad boys up and running, then let automation work its magic. 1. WP Status Notifier Looking… [Read More]

Updating Your Blog To Twitter

In this video you’ll learn about… whether or not to put a link to all of your blog posts on Twitter why it’s important to link to your blog posts on your Twitter how often to link blog posts How often do you put a link to your blog posts on Twitter? Share your comments… [Read More]

Promotion on Twitter for the Small Business

In this video you’ll learn about… whether or not to promote your business on Twitter how to promote your business on Twitter “rules” of promoting on Twitter How do you promote your business on Twitter? Share your comments below.