Reframing Failure: How to Turn a Flop Into a Success

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Every entrepreneur has a great idea that flops, myself included. It’s not if or when something flops that matters – it’s what you do next. Some people have little freak-outs. Others dive into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. A third group calls it quits. The funny thing is that none of those reactions change… [Read More]

How Marie Forleo’s B-School Turned My Idea Into a Seven-Figure Business

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Ever had an AMAZING business idea, but weren’t sure how to turn it into a reality? It happens ALL. THE. TIME. And it’s not because people don’t have the drive to make it happen, either! It’s because they don’t have the TOOLS. After all, what good is a sports car if you don’t know how… [Read More]

How To Create Your Own Pinnable Graphics

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As one of the newest social media websites, Pinterest has already climbed to the #3 spot in social media for most visitors right behind Facebook and Twitter. How about that for growth? No matter what type of business you’re in, you probably have a few tips or words of inspiration that you can share with… [Read More]

3 Delegation Nightmares You’ll Avoid Thanks To These Strategies For Systematic Success

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One of the most impressive things about Laura Roeder is how quickly she transformed LKR Social Media into a highly lucrative empire. During my recent interview with her, she shared part of what made this remarkable growth possible: “If you want to grow your business past a certain level, you’ve got to add more people…. [Read More]

Here Are Seven Ways For Your Business to Make Money Without You

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If you’re one of those brave souls who quit your day job in order to work full-time on growing your business, you deserve some extra recognition. Why? Because in addition to the security of a steady paycheck, you left behind something else, something perhaps even more precious: Paid vacation days. When you’re building your own… [Read More]

How to Effectively Communicate With Your Team AND Get Things Done


Managing and leading a team can feel overwhelming. This proves to be true when managing someone virtually. Does this scenario sound familiar? You thought you did everything right. You looked for the right people, posted ads online, asked for referrals and finally hired the perfect employee, contractor, agency or service provider. You email your list… [Read More]

Four Mistakes You’re Probably Making When Telling Your Brand Story

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The world is overcrowded with information. We’re wired to tell stories because it’s how we make sense of the world around us. Stories let us distill large, complex ideas and important messages into sticky, memorable pieces that we can carry forward with us in our minds. Telling the right story about you and your business… [Read More]

5 Ways to Run A Mediocre Business

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I’m not perfect. I wasn’t born knowing how to run a successful business. That’s something I learned over time from trial and error, and from making a lot of mistakes. Now, when I see and talk to small business owners who are trying to build their own million-dollar ventures, I see a lot of those… [Read More]

The Stress-Free Guide to Raising Prices

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You know it’s time. Maybe it’s the frustration you feel when you look at your bank account. Or the brewing resentment when you get on the phone with your clients. Or the realization that you’re really, really good at what you do. Whatever the reason, you know it’s time to raise your rates. But you’re… [Read More]

What I’ve Learned By Making a Million Dollars Before My 30th Birthday

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Here I am in London again, finally back from a big trip! I say “big” not because of the hours spent on a plane or the number of cities I set foot in. No, what made this trip especially big for me was the reason behind the whole thing: I received an award at the… [Read More]