Foods That Will Instantly Boost Your Bod & Biz

My health coaching clients always ask me what they should be eating for maximum energy. What foods will help them stay focused and on track so they can take their business and lives to the next level? These days you need to be on top of your game and learning which foods act like jet… [Read More]

Supercharging Your Facebook Cover Photo

facebook cover

Facebook Timeline is hereeee! As Facebook comes out with its latest timeline design, a new cover photo feature emerges too. Along with your profile picture, you can now choose a photo to further represent you and your business. How Do I Upload a Cover Photo? If this is your first time creating a Facebook page,… [Read More]

Criticism Got You Down? 8 Tips To Overcome Negative People

Lisa Cash Hanson

Eleanor Roosevelt once said “You wouldn’t worry so much about what other people thought if you realized how seldom they do.” As entrepreneurs, one of our main business goals should be to achieve high levels of success and hopefully be presented with amazing opportunities along the way. My blog, Mompreneur Mogul, recently had one of… [Read More]

The Truth About How to Make Money with Twitter

In this video, you’ll learn: how to make money in Twitter how to use Twitter as a source for leads and relationship building How do you make money with Twitter?  Share in the comments below.

Twitter Marketing For the Solopreneur

Should your Twitter handle be your name or your company’s name? Logo or your face for the picture? Should you speak as your company or yourself? And how exactly does one get clients from Twitter anyway? These questions are especially challenging for the one-man-show who is toeing the line between “business” and “personal”. That’s why… [Read More]

Unleash Your Creative Genius on Your Business Plan

Jennifer Peek

Business Plan.  Creative Genius. Rather than being an oxymoron, these two ideas are what can firm up your business foundation and actually give you more creative freedom as an entrepreneur.  The truth is that a good business plan and strategy make you more creative – not less.  Without a plan, you are stuck being reactive… [Read More]

Promotion on Twitter for the Small Business

In this video you’ll learn about… whether or not to promote your business on Twitter how to promote your business on Twitter “rules” of promoting on Twitter How do you promote your business on Twitter? Share your comments below.

Event Marketing Lessons from Marie Forleo

Katrina Padron

You know that feeling when you see something really cool in action and you see in unfold right before you?  Last Fall, I had the incredible opportunity of attending Rich, Happy & Hot Live and saw Marie Forleo’s marketing genius at work. She used social media and online marketing so smartly to sell out her… [Read More]

Is Kim Kardashian Better Than You?


I asked that question to shock you, but it holds a seed of truth in it. Kim has succeeded in being famous for what many people write-off as shallow, ‘superficial’ reasons. Maybe you’ve heard them: “Kim’s famous for being beautiful”, “famous for ‘nothing’”, or “famous for being herself”. The implication is that she’s without any… [Read More]

How to Uncover Your Dream Solopreneur Business in 7 Steps

Xin Gu

“I want to start my own business but I just don’t know what I’m passionate about.” I hear this gripe all the time from my would-be solopreneur clients as they grapple with finding a business they want to pursue. If you’re contemplating starting up a one-man or one-woman shop, chances are you love the idea… [Read More]