What I’ve Learned By Making a Million Dollars Before My 30th Birthday

Laura at UN for empact100 award

Here I am in London again, finally back from a big trip! I say “big” not because of the hours spent on a plane or the number of cities I set foot in. No, what made this trip especially big for me was the reason behind the whole thing: I received an award at the… [Read More]

Why No One’s Buying And How to Change It Today

Clipboard and pen

Could you use a few more clients or customers? If you’re like most entrepreneurs I know, the answer is a resounding YES! But you may be baffled about how to make it happen. You know there’s many components to finding new customers. In fact, you’ve done a lot of them. You’ve got a great website…. [Read More]

3 Disadvantages Distributed Teams Have That Make Them Stronger

LKR social media staff

Lately, I’ve observed a startling fact about many high-performing teams I admire:  they don’t work together in the same office. In fact, many of them don’t even have an office. Companies like LKR Social Media, 37signals, WooThemes, and Buffer used to be the exception, but their success has blazed a trail resulting in an explosion… [Read More]

Too Busy? Too Scared Is More Like It.

Clock closeup

I know the feeling. You’re rushing around answering a never-ending stream of emails and finishing up some last-minute details for a client before sprinting out the door. For the next few hours, you hurriedly shuttle around town running errands, while shoveling spoonfuls of macaroni and cheese into your mouth behind the wheel of your car…. [Read More]

Want to grow your business? Stop lying to yourself.

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You can’t write a guest blog post because your own website isn’t finished yet. You don’t want to send anyone to your blog because it’s only got a couple measly things published on it. You can’t even THINK about hiring some help because you don’t have a steady stream of clients yet. You’re just not… [Read More]

“I KNOW I would not have gotten these kinds of results if I wasn’t live blogging the Famous in Five Challenge as well.” Famous in Five Challenge: Day 5

Ann Harris cheers

This is the fifth and final post in a series of posts as part of the Famous in Five Challenge. To catch up on Ann’s progress, start here.  Famous In Five: Day 5 / Approx. Time to Complete: 23 minutes When I started this challenge, I really had no idea what to expect. I am blown… [Read More]

“I’m falling in love with my business all over again!” Famous in Five Challenge: Day 1

I'm ready for my closeup

This is the first post in a series of posts as part of the Famous in Five Challenge. To learn more about Ann, her business and her struggles, click here.  Famous In Five: Day 1 – All About Me / Approx. Time to Complete: 36 minutes I’m falling in love with my business all over again!… [Read More]

“It’s been one of those months.” Why this business is dying for the Famous in 5 Challenge

Ann Harris

Famous in Five Challenge is here and Ann Harris, social media coach at Southern Social Marketing, will be live-blogging the challenge right along with you. Not signed up yet? Click here! About Ann: Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Self-taught coder and Science Fair nerd Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre (’cause why not?)… [Read More]

5 Ideas You Can Steal From These Top Bloggers to Boost Your Conversions


If you regularly read the LKR blog, then you probably produce and share lots of great content. But have you stopped to think how you can create massive value using your existing content? One way is to make each post work harder by boosting your conversion rate. So… how do you do this? Easy. Steal… [Read More]

Why I Shut Down a Profitable Product to Suit My Lifestyle

LKR Rules for products

There have been lots of MAJOR changes in my business in just the last few months. 3 new hires, two launches, our team retreat, the departure of my friend and longtime project manager from the biz, new products, overhauling other products, and lots and lots of plans. It’s a lot, but it’s exactly what I… [Read More]