Being Present for the Moments that Matter

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In the United States, over half of us regularly check our email during family gatherings. We pack in about 30 hours of (unpaid) overtime at work, every month. And we’re becoming renowned as one of the most “vacation-deprived” nations in the world. Bottom line? We are very, very busy people. Or at least, we think… [Read More]

Back Office Secrets: How to Delegate It Right the First Time, Every Time


After a decade of working in corporate America and several more as a solo entrepreneur, I’ve realized…. Most people stink at delegating. Especially entrepreneurs. It’s true! We’re used to being in control, we tend to micromanage, and we’re always juggling ten things at once. So even when we hire a smart, capable, and willing assistant,… [Read More]

Turning Your Natural Talents Into an Online Course Doesn’t Start With You


Last month, LKR truly worked as a well oiled machine to create our advanced email marketing course… so today I’m taking you inside the making of that course. Editor’s note: we have since shut down Social Media Marketer. But all the advice in this article is still very relevant! You’re going to see what happens when… [Read More]

Feel the Fear…and Promote Your Business Anyway


Yes, the title is absolutely a play on the famous book, Feel the Fear…and Do It Anyway. After all, many of us in life are a little anxious when we venture out to do something that scares us, but we do it anyway. In my experiences, however, many creative professionals do not follow that credo… [Read More]

7 Smart Tips For Creating Your Awesome Interviews

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One of the best and easiest ways to get known is to establish personal connections with other entrepreneurs. And the way to do that is interview already established and up-and-coming business owners. I bet you’ve seen people organising summits, running their own video shows or podcasts based on interviews. In fact, I bet that you… [Read More]

Use This Formula to Instantly Increase Cash Flow…Really!

Home Office Organizing Tips

Punch line first!  Here it is: Declutter + Organize + Systematize = CASH MONEY This formula creates space, time, and a mind in your life for new opportunities, and for additional cash flow.  By implementing the steps in the formula, you tell the Universe that you are ready for MORE more clients more projects more cash… [Read More]

The Most Biased Review You’ll Ever Read of Marie Forleo’s Rich, Happy & Hot B-School

Marie Forleo's B-School

What if there was a secret map that explained the most crucial components to the huge success I’ve had in business? What if there was a list of the key leverage points that you MUST hit to turn yourself from a struggling entrepreneur to an online powerhouse? Well honestly . . . There is! Let… [Read More]

5 Steps to Become a More Abundantly Happy Entrepreneur


As an entrepreneur, you are likely familiar with feeling chills going down your spine when you are doing something completely new and “risky”. Or perhaps you see the visual image of your new project in your mind’s eye and you feel your heart starting to race with excitement. Or maybe you recall the time when… [Read More]

One Thing You Must Do to Take Your Business to the Next Level in 2013


As you’re diving into your 2013 action plan and putting your Big Ideas into motion, you may be finding that you have a lot to do and less time to do it. Whether you’re working on getting your first client, hitting 6 figures, or shooting for 7, there is one thing you must implement to… [Read More]

5 Key Trends for Small Businesses to Tap Into in 2013


As time races ahead and we move into another year, it’s valuable to look at what we can expect from the new innovations and advancements that are coming our way. As an entrepreneur, it’s your job to keep on top of these trends so that you can future- proof your business and tap into real… [Read More]