Updating Your Blog To Twitter

In this video you’ll learn about… whether or not to put a link to all of your blog posts on Twitter why it’s important to link to your blog posts on your Twitter how often to link blog posts How often do you put a link to your blog posts on Twitter? Share your comments… [Read More]

The Ultimate Pinterest Guide Part Three: Search Engine Optimization For Pinterest

pinterest description

Thought search engine optimization doesn’t come into play when working social media sites? Think again! Everything you do for your business should help get your name out there and rank in the search engines. With a little SEO knowledge on your side, you can make your social media activity charge up your rankings on Google…. [Read More]

Unleash Your Creative Genius on Your Business Plan

Jennifer Peek

Business Plan.  Creative Genius. Rather than being an oxymoron, these two ideas are what can firm up your business foundation and actually give you more creative freedom as an entrepreneur.  The truth is that a good business plan and strategy make you more creative – not less.  Without a plan, you are stuck being reactive… [Read More]

Promotion on Twitter for the Small Business

In this video you’ll learn about… whether or not to promote your business on Twitter how to promote your business on Twitter “rules” of promoting on Twitter How do you promote your business on Twitter? Share your comments below.

The Ultimate Pinterest Guide Part Two: No products? No problem.

Obama joins Pinterest

Upon writing this Tipsy Tuesday tidbit, my Yahoo! home page announces “President Obama Joins Pinterest.” Pinterest is gaining increased momentum in the social media world. While the whole concept of “pinning” is only for images, how can a service-based business use it? Or how in the world can President Obama use it for you know,… [Read More]

Event Marketing Lessons from Marie Forleo

Katrina Padron

You know that feeling when you see something really cool in action and you see in unfold right before you?  Last Fall, I had the incredible opportunity of attending Rich, Happy & Hot Live and saw Marie Forleo’s marketing genius at work. She used social media and online marketing so smartly to sell out her… [Read More]

The Ultimate Pinterest Guide Part One: How To Set Up Your Pinterest Account


Joining Pinterest The frenzy over the online corkboard, Pinterest, has even the most skeptical of social media users addicted. Remember when Facebook and Google+ were invite only? Currently Pinterest is the same, when you enter the site you will be greated with a box prompting you to request an invite or login. If requesting an… [Read More]

How to Uncover Your Dream Solopreneur Business in 7 Steps

Xin Gu

“I want to start my own business but I just don’t know what I’m passionate about.” I hear this gripe all the time from my would-be solopreneur clients as they grapple with finding a business they want to pursue. If you’re contemplating starting up a one-man or one-woman shop, chances are you love the idea… [Read More]

The Five-Step Plan for Tackling Information Overload

Sarah Burns

The Internet is nothing short of amazing. You want to learn about something, anything, and with the power of Google and now Pinterest (yes, I think Pinterest is giving Google a run for it’s money…but that’s for another article) you can learn about nearly anything. This is amazing for the small business or solopreneur. It’s… [Read More]

Healthy, Wealthy and Happy: Is It Possible?

Casey Lorraine Thomas

With only so many hours in the day, and a multitude of competing demands, it can feel like you must make the choice between healthy, wealthy or happy. To have all seems totally unachievable. Fortunately, it is possible. It simply takes making the decision to be all of these, wiping all other options off the… [Read More]