They’ve said yes to the meeting, now what? Five ways you can ensure they love you face-to-face


  Despite the growing role that technology plays in building relationships and our relative ease doing business with strangers, our most important short and long term decisions are still made face-to-face. Here are five ways you can ensure they love you in the meeting 1. Get Smart: Lack of preparation is the biggest mistake people… [Read More]

5 Key Steps to EXPLODING Your Business on Facebook

Jess Webb

  Facebook is a fabulous platform for marketing your business. With over 500 million users, and at least 50% of those logging in every single day, it has become a huge, vibrant community, where people go to connect, play and network. It has become a part of our every day lives. And chances are, your… [Read More]

25 Ideas for Your Big Banana

jill shearer

Building a solid mailing list is a lot easier said than done, to which many budding entrepreneurs can attest. Coming up with ideas to implement might make you feel like a monkey trying to operate as a brain surgeon. I mean, where do you even start? You’ll have to peel the banana yourself, but here… [Read More]

Fall Reboot – The Great Q&A Webinar

Is your business ready to get a fresh start this fall, but you still have some nagging questions that are holding you back? Then register to this no-holds-barred, all Q&A FREE webinar! I’m going to “lightning round” as many questions as I can in one hour. First Name * Email *

If LinkedIn’s For Business, Where Are All The Leads?

a shrimp and a giant

LinkedIn is the ONLY major social network devoted solely to business use. Then how come so many entrepreneurs have LinkedIn profiles that are doing ZILCH for their business?? I think it’s because so few people have learned how to properly use LinkedIn to bring in leads. I know I’ve been guilty of passing over LinkedIn… [Read More]

If Facebook Were Gone Tomorrow…

Alicia Rittenhouse

Putting your eggs in one basket is a risky move. Putting your business marketing efforts into one network that you hold no control over is riskier. You must create your own social network of fans and connections with your brand. Social networking was created to help you share, connect and converse. Think of using your… [Read More]

How to interview fellow entrepreneurs to further grow YOUR audience, traffic and business

Torrey McGraw

Because you’re an avid reader of Laura’s site, I’m willing to guess you’re interested in increasing traffic to your site & making more money. Entrepreneurs are always looking for creative ways to accomplish this and I’d like to suggest something that may be a great addition to what you’re currently doing: video interview experts/influencers in… [Read More]

Three Lessons I Learned from Moving Abroad that Can Help Any Entrepreneur

Djanira Cortesao

Four years ago, my boyfriend and I packed all of our possessions in our car and drove from London, England to Barcelona, Spain, leaving behind our jobs, friends and family. We didn’t know a soul in the city and neither of us had jobs, but we were hungry for adventure and in search of better… [Read More]

Why I Go to So Many Marketing Conferences

How to Approach Offline Networking to Build Relationships Online

trevor turnbull

Many of us spend a considerable amount of time researching and implementing strategies to grow our networks and build relationships online. And, I’m sure most people would agree that building an online network can be a very rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. If you are anything like me, and are actively involved in social… [Read More]