Self-Promotion: You’re Doing It Wrong (and it’s costing you money)

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The number one marketing mistake that I see business owners make is underdoing it. “Underdoing” your marketing means posting one link to your blog post, or sending one email, or tweeting once about your webinar…and that’s it. You never mention it again. Yes, some businesses and people on Twitter and a few friends you have… [Read More]

3 Killer Sources of Copyright-Free Images to Avoid Getting Punched in the Face with a Lawsuit

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Has your business ever gotten you in trouble with the law? It’s something that seems to be happening more and more to small business owners, and it’s the result of being misinformed on a very common issue. That’s why I’m sharing this story to set the record straight and hopefully save you hundreds or thousands… [Read More]

The Tiny Tweak From Google That Means Big Changes to Your Marketing

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A big change has been brewing in the online marketing world, and it finally came to a head last week. If you have been looking at your Analytics (and you should be), you have probably noticed the increasing prevalence of the phrase “(not provided)” showing up in your organic keyword traffic. As of last week… [Read More]

No, Really, Here’s How to Send Out Emails That Actually Do Something For Your Business

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Tell me if this sounds familiar… You’ve built up a healthy list of email subscribers via social media and content marketing, and it comes time to launch a new product. You toil over a series of emails for your list, throw in some email subject lines and finally the day comes to hit send and… [Read More]

Make These Small Tweaks To Your Site And Immediately Bump Up Your Opt-In Rate

Watch Derek Halpern of Social Triggers give me the low down on my site. Derek is genius at “knowing what makes people tick online”. Here he gives me the skinny on things I can do better on my site to capture more leads, more sales and make the experience for you, the reader, just plain… [Read More]

3 Disadvantages Distributed Teams Have That Make Them Stronger

LKR social media staff

Lately, I’ve observed a startling fact about many high-performing teams I admire:  they don’t work together in the same office. In fact, many of them don’t even have an office. Companies like LKR Social Media, 37signals, WooThemes, and Buffer used to be the exception, but their success has blazed a trail resulting in an explosion… [Read More]

How To Boost Your Social Media Presence by Playing Up Your Strengths


Social media can be daunting. There are so many different options out there that it often feels overwhelming trying to sort through them all. It’s easy to get sucked into believing that you have to use every single social media site that’s available to you if you want to grow your business, but that’s simply… [Read More]

3 Traffic Building Ideas You Haven’t Heard Of Before

Liz Lockard

Do you have enough visitors coming to your site each month? My guess is no. (Why? Because who doesn’t want MORE website traffic? Sign me up for even more, please!) But how do you go about building more traffic to your site? Do you just email all your friends? Do you have to buy a… [Read More]

5 launch hacks that save you time, make you money, and serve your customer

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Launching sucks. Yep – I said. It can stink. Big time. I love launching – and yet it sucks the life out of most people. It’s exciting and yet when it’s not working or there’s too much to do – it’s a rollercoaster ride. Going through the process is draining, costs you money you usually… [Read More]

Too Busy? Too Scared Is More Like It.

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I know the feeling. You’re rushing around answering a never-ending stream of emails and finishing up some last-minute details for a client before sprinting out the door. For the next few hours, you hurriedly shuttle around town running errands, while shoveling spoonfuls of macaroni and cheese into your mouth behind the wheel of your car…. [Read More]