What I’ve Learned By Making a Million Dollars Before My 30th Birthday

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Here I am in London again, finally back from a big trip! I say “big” not because of the hours spent on a plane or the number of cities I set foot in. No, what made this trip especially big for me was the reason behind the whole thing: I received an award at the… [Read More]

Why No One’s Buying And How to Change It Today

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Could you use a few more clients or customers? If you’re like most entrepreneurs I know, the answer is a resounding YES! But you may be baffled about how to make it happen. You know there’s many components to finding new customers. In fact, you’ve done a lot of them. You’ve got a great website…. [Read More]

An Inside Peek at My Crazy Simple SEO Strategy


Got a great website but barely-there traffic? Then you need to be thinking about SEO, a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization.  Here’s the thing: people are on Google every day, looking for you and a product or service like yours. The problem is that your website is ranking way back there on page 3 of the search… [Read More]

3 Ways to Make a Lot More Money on Social Media This Week

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You already know that without a doubt, social media is a routine part of our lives. In fact, I’m willing to bet that you’ve got Facebook open in another tab or running in the background on your phone right now! But no matter how many selfies you’ve posted on Instagram or elderly relatives you’ve made… [Read More]

Three Lessons for Guest Posting with Confidence

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When you are starting out, whether it be in a new career or striking out on your own, positioning yourself as an expert can be extremely uncomfortable.  You may feel like a fraud or fake, and rest assured, that’s 100% normal. Guest blog posting is a well-established tactic to help you position yourself as an… [Read More]

7 Habits That Boost Your Content Credibility


The more content you create, the greater your need will be for ways to up your game. Struggling to come up with ideas? Feel like your content isn’t engaging? Maybe it’s time to try changing some of your habits to jumpstart your brain. Here are 7 easy ways to get you back on the path… [Read More]

Everything I Learned From Running a Free Online Challenge

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If you come here often or follow me on social media, you no doubt noticed the emails, Facebook posts, and tweets that started in late August talking about my Famous in Five Challenge. I had never created a challenge before, but I had a hunch that A) my community would really love it and B)… [Read More]

Self-Promotion: You’re Doing It Wrong (and it’s costing you money)

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The number one marketing mistake that I see business owners make is underdoing it. “Underdoing” your marketing means posting one link to your blog post, or sending one email, or tweeting once about your webinar…and that’s it. You never mention it again. Yes, some businesses and people on Twitter and a few friends you have… [Read More]

3 Killer Sources of Copyright-Free Images to Avoid Getting Punched in the Face with a Lawsuit

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Has your business ever gotten you in trouble with the law? It’s something that seems to be happening more and more to small business owners, and it’s the result of being misinformed on a very common issue. That’s why I’m sharing this story to set the record straight and hopefully save you hundreds or thousands… [Read More]

The Tiny Tweak From Google That Means Big Changes to Your Marketing

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A big change has been brewing in the online marketing world, and it finally came to a head last week. If you have been looking at your Analytics (and you should be), you have probably noticed the increasing prevalence of the phrase “(not provided)” showing up in your organic keyword traffic. As of last week… [Read More]