Why I Shut Down a Profitable Product to Suit My Lifestyle

LKR Rules for products

There have been lots of MAJOR changes in my business in just the last few months. 3 new hires, two launches, our team retreat, the departure of my friend and longtime project manager from the biz, new products, overhauling other products, and lots and lots of plans. It’s a lot, but it’s exactly what I… [Read More]

What to Say on Social Media – 10 Talk Worthy Topics

Adeah Wetzel

Are you participating with your friends, followers and likes on social media? Okay, I hear the mumbling…”What do I share? Who cares if I am at the car-wash?” Right. I get that a lot. Try using these 10 talk worthy topics on social media (1-2 posts per day for 30 days) and I promise your… [Read More]

5 Email Subject Line Best Practices We ALWAYS Follow

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How many times have you meticulously crafted an email campaign, spending hours polishing the content, the format, and the offer, only to throw a last-minute subject line at the top before hitting send? No big deal, it’s not like anybody’s going to buy anything based on just the subject line, right? Wrong! The truth is,… [Read More]

WARNING: How You Might Be Driving Away Your Customers

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There have been two eras in my business: Before Numbers and After Numbers. As you can imagine, things happened – or didn’t happen – very differently in these two eras. Before Numbers was all about instincts: I would have an idea for driving more traffic or increasing sales, and I would try it. Often it… [Read More]

Why You’re Stuck in the Cycle of Broke


It’s a vicious cycle. One that paralyzes small business because of just how difficult it is to break. It’s called the Cycle of Broke, and you just might be in it right now. “What on earth is the Cycle of Broke?” The Cycle of Broke is when you don’t have enough customers, but you aren’t… [Read More]

Searching For Your Ideal Customers? Ask Yourself These 2 Questions

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It happens to everyone at some point in the course of their business. The questions creep in, and then plague you, Lady Macbeth-style. “Where are my ideal customers?” “Why isn’t anyone buying from me?” “What do they want???” You stay up at night trying to figure it all out! Here’s the truth: there are only… [Read More]

Drive Major Traffic With The Only Facebook Ad You’ll Ever Need

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So you want to try out Facebook Ads for your business. Good idea! Facebook ads can help you drive more traffic to your website, get more Page Likes, and increase your brand awareness. I have a secret to share with you: there’s one kind of Facebook ad that can actually do ALL of the above… [Read More]

6 Steps to Freshen Up Your Social Media Efforts and Maximize Your Results

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One of the hardest places to get to in your business is the comfort stage. That’s because it requires so much hustle and commitment to reach a level of stability. Often this can take years to achieve consistent monthly revenue, a steady stream of regular clients and evergreen products and programs that sell themselves. It… [Read More]

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss The Next World Domination Summit


I spoke at the first World Domination Summit back in 2011, and in 2013 I returned as an attendee. Here are the 3 big reasons why I keep coming back: Inspiring Speakers Now that I’m a little farther along in my business, I find that conferences usually aren’t the best forum for learning business strategies… [Read More]

31 Online Tools That Are So Good, You May Have to Fire Someone


When I started this business, I was really on my own. I had a few email addresses I had collected for a previous business, some social media profiles and a plan create a business that could scale. That was 5 years ago; now I work with a team of five full-time employees, have four products… [Read More]