Are Your Emails Turning People Off? How to set up email analytics without going insane.


The task of tracking what happens in your emails – feels like a big one. It might even make you feel a little dumb. I know tracking any analytics, stats, or performance in the form of numbers has the power to make even the smartest entrepreneur want to call it a day. Personally – I… [Read More]

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Selling on Social with Laura Roeder


Can the social media sites you’re already using produce SALES for your business? After generating hundreds of thousands of dollars from social media, we definitely say yes! BUT you have to know what you’re doing. (And believe me, relentlessly posting hard-sell pitches definitely ain’t it!) Check out the image above – that’s a screenshot from… [Read More]

Website Emergency: 3 Words That Are Costing You Subscribers—And What to Do About Them

Subscribe to Updates

I cringe every time I see them. They are the digital equivalent of the man peddling flyers on the street corner. They are ignored and, in turn, they are costing you in readership and income. “Subscribe to Updates.” As innocent as they seem, these three words are turning away thousands of would-be subscribers, loyal readers… [Read More]

The Most Biased Review You’ll Ever Read of Marie Forleo’s Rich, Happy & Hot B-School

Marie Forleo's B-School

What if there was a secret map that explained the most crucial components to the huge success I’ve had in business? What if there was a list of the key leverage points that you MUST hit to turn yourself from a struggling entrepreneur to an online powerhouse? Well honestly . . . There is! Let… [Read More]

How to Find and Get the Most Out of Your Most Effective Emails


Do you know which emails you send to your mailing list perform the best? Do you track opens, clicks, spam complaints at least? What about emails that lead directly to sales or replies to you? If you aren’t doing this on a regular basis, you are missing out on the chance to discover what really… [Read More]

7 Reputation Management Mistakes Small Businesses Make When They Join Social Media

Photo credit: Tim Geers

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, when a small business just enters the social media arena, some things – such as your company’s online reputation – are much better taken care of upfront. However, when one is busy mapping out their first-ever social media strategy, there are… [Read More]

10 Surefire Ways to Build Your Online Influence

Photo credit: SalFalko

Just because you are a solopreneur, doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself!  By concentrating on building a loyal, enthusiastic and supportive community around your business, you can create amazing opportunities for collaboration, get more clients & sales & build your expert reputation. But how do you go from zero to hero when you… [Read More]

Why is Viral Video Dead?

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5 Steps to Become a More Abundantly Happy Entrepreneur


As an entrepreneur, you are likely familiar with feeling chills going down your spine when you are doing something completely new and “risky”. Or perhaps you see the visual image of your new project in your mind’s eye and you feel your heart starting to race with excitement. Or maybe you recall the time when… [Read More]