5 Steps For Creating Success in Your Business

Image credit: Richard O'Neill

We all go into business to succeed; we believe we have a product or service that customers will be happy to pay for. But it takes more than a big dream or a good idea to make it happen. Here are 5 steps to follow to create success in your business. 1) Be clear on… [Read More]

LKR Gift Giveaway Contest Week 4: Free Blue Snowball Professional Microphone (And Give Back While You’re At It!)


One of our favorite tools for creating studio-quality recordings is the Blue Snowball Microphone. This microphone helps create studio-quality recordings with a crisp and clear sound. Even better, its portable as well as the tripod folds up. See what others have to say! “The quality of this mic is outstanding, Very rich tones, no popping,… [Read More]

WordPress Plugins to Help Boost Your Traffic

Get a sneak peak inside Social Media Marketer with this video telling you about WordPress plugins that can help enhance your list building experience. Learn More About Social Media Marketer!

Why Building Your List is More Important Than Sales During Your First Launch


When you decide to launch your business with a new product, a service, or simply a new blog, you might start listing all the goals you want to achieve as a result of that launch. I know that’s what we do at LKR. We think about the metrics and numbers we want to hit in… [Read More]

3 Steps to Get More Clients, Sell More Products, Make More Money

You’ve got what most people want: work you love. But doing work you love can come with certain sacrifices. Namely, cash flow. If you’re like most entrepreneurs I know, the beginning of your business journey was rough, really rough. Like, can-I-really-do-this rough. Unfortunately, it’s easier to imagine the success than turn that dream into a… [Read More]

LKR Gift Giveaway Contest Week 3: Fiverr for Free AND Help An Entrepreneur In Need


We love sharing our favorite resources with our readers and one of our personal faves is fiverr.com Sometimes we all need a little bit of help. Not quite ready or no need to hire an actual employee yet? That’s where comes this handy site comes into play helping you delegate tasks you don’t want to… [Read More]

The Number One Secret to Get Subscribers (Hint: It’s Not What You Think)


Size may not always matter, but when it comes to your email list, bigger is usually better – especially when your subscribers are the right subscribers: people who are interested in what you are up to. Otherwise, who will buy your programs and services? Your social media fans are great, but it’s not likely they… [Read More]

Designing Your Site for Better Conversion Rate


Your website is one of the most powerful business tools in your possession and if you are using it solely for information purposes, unless you are in the business of supplying free information without any quid pro quo, then you are selling yourself and your business short. If your website has been strategically and well-planned… [Read More]

The Hidden Key to Success: A 3-Step Process for the Solopreneur


Countless hours spent on social media marketing, training and business development will yield minimal results, unless you possess this crucial ingredient. Are you energetically aligned with success? Yes, we are discussing vibes, the energy you and your business send out to others. This isn’t woo-woo, New Age banter, but a critical keystone of success. Think… [Read More]

LKR Gift Giveaway Contest Week 2: Favorite Business Books PLUS Give Back to An Entrepreneur In Need

Whether you read when you are jet setting off to a new place, relaxing in your PJ’s with a cup of hot cocoa or referring to page 134 of your trusted business guide, there’s only one thing that possibly better than a good read. What is it you ask? A good deed of course! This… [Read More]