Using Community and Connection to Grow Your Business


Let’s be honest, it can be a bit tough being a solopreneur. The very nature of that word means that you are alone and solo in this adventure. As a solopreneur many times you are working at home with no watercooler to talk to your coworkers around, no conference room to have giant company meetings… [Read More]

The LKR Chronicles: How to leave a job you love for the life you want


Have you ever wondered what’s it like to work with one of the top entrepreneurs online? Someone who you respected, trusted, looked to for innovative ideas… Someone who encouraged you to build your following… Someone who became a close friend over time.. Someone who introduced you to many of the influencers in business… Say you’re… [Read More]

Business Branding and Authenticity: How to “Be Yourself” in Business


When I started my business, one of the most common (and frustrating) pieces of branding advice I saw was “Just be authentic.” This should be straightforward: after all, we just turn up and be ourselves, right? Well, yes… But for most of us, that’s an ongoing challenge. While being authentic is one of the most… [Read More]

Being Present for the Moments that Matter

Photo credit: Catherine Just

In the United States, over half of us regularly check our email during family gatherings. We pack in about 30 hours of (unpaid) overtime at work, every month. And we’re becoming renowned as one of the most “vacation-deprived” nations in the world. Bottom line? We are very, very busy people. Or at least, we think… [Read More]

3 Ways to Get Ready for Facebook’s Next Big Change


We’re about to see some major changes from Facebook! Everyone feels different about change, especially ones that can greatly affect our business. But whether we love it or not, these guys decided to dramatically redesign the Facebook News feed. The good news? Facebook knows what a powerful tool it is for marketers, so it tends… [Read More]

The Secret to Creating an Amazing Brand That You Can Implement Today

Image credit: Chuck Coker

Every great business deserves great branding and it isn’t something that’s reserved for the big shots. Do you want to know the little secret to great branding? It’s consistency. Consistency in your communication develops trust. And people buy from people they trust. The 5 key areas you can achieve brand consistency are: a clear recognizable… [Read More]

Make Your Website More Profitable in 53 Seconds

Unfortunately, Social Media Marketing is closing down! No need to worry – you can see all of our great products on our shop page. What’s your BIG BANANA? And what on earth does it have to do with your business’s website? Find out in this sneak peak at the soon-to be-released Your Profitable Website course inside… [Read More]

Website Content Strategy in Action: The Creative Brief


Building your new website can be a daunting experience – and it’s all too easy to lose sight of the plan you started with. It’s important to create a usable, creative brief which can effectively direct your content choices. Here are the key questions to answer before you get started. By answering these, you’ll be… [Read More]

Get More Eyes on Your Launch With These 5 Simple Website Tweaks


If you’re about to launch something – say a product, program, new service – and you use your website as the main platform to get the word out, you gotta get your site spiffed up. Just like inviting people over to your house for dinner or having a garage sale, there are some must haves… [Read More]

3 Common Google Analytics Mistakes (and how to fix them)


Okay, so you know the power of Google Analytics for your small biz, right? But, the truth is, Google Analytics, the best free traffic-tracking tool on the internet, just isn’t that intuitive for the non-techie. There’s no real manual aimed at guiding you, as a small business owner, through what you need to do to… [Read More]