Mistakes in Your LinkedIn Profile? Not a Good Social Media Strategy


LinkedIn is an amazing tool for business networking and career development. As a social media strategy, it is one of the best for job seekers and headhunters. However, if you aren’t careful, your LinkedIn profile can quickly change from major selling point to professional liability. Any of these five mistakes can and will kill your… [Read More]

How Do I Get Clients? 3 Answers to This Common Question

Money & Savings

Is this your most pressing question? Does it keep you up at night? If so, you’re not alone—it’s the most common question my coaching clients and other business owners I talk with have, too. It’s also overwhelmingly a big question on Google—2,240,000 searches per month. Here are three answers to that infamous question: 1. Be… [Read More]

The Unexpected and Best Side Effect to a Strong Social Media Automation Strategy


Automation is one of those things that excites and scares me all at once. You know you need it, but you put it off until it’s too late. Everything seems to be going great… Until you’re looking for something in 5 million different emails or google docs … until you realize you never shared your… [Read More]

Too Plugged in, Too Tuned Out: Social Media and Automation


We’re all crunched for time. Sometimes our real lives are stressful enough that our blogging and social media obligations become overwhelming. As a business grows, the time crunch grows along with it. A bigger, more profitable requires demands more efficiency, but questions and customer demands increase along with the cash flow. Automation seems like a… [Read More]

Handling a Bully in Five Steps

Max at preschool looking in at the class

This past week a lot went on in the media. Sure, it’s right before the elections so of course a lot of mud slinging is going on. But one thing in particular caught my eye; the words that Ann Coulter tweeted about President Barack Obama. Did you catch that? She said “I highly approve of… [Read More]

Your First 1,000 Fans: How to Get Started in Social Media Marketing

Click “play” to get your first 1,000 fans (for free) Register now for this free webinar and leave with: The one factor that tells me within the first glance if your Twitter account will be successful A behind-the-scenes look at the timeline of exactly how I’ve grown my following to 21,000 on Twitter, 20,000 on… [Read More]

Get Ahead of the Game: Planning Your Content Calendar

Watch this video to learn how to plan out your content calendar several months in advance. For more information, check out Advanced Content Marketing inside Social Media Marketer.

3 Insights Google Analytics Can Show You About Your Social Media Traffic

Social Media Map

Ever wonder exactly what you’re getting out of your social media efforts? If it’s working? If you could improve it somehow? Well, you can, with Google Analytics (and for free!) You can learn a lot about your social media traffic with Google Analytics, but here’s 3 insights to get you started: 1. Where in the… [Read More]

Ready, Set, Hire: 5 Ways For Finding Your Perfect Match


One of the most exhilarating times in your business is when you’re finally ready and able to hire help and grow your virtual empire (insert evil laugh here). Your plate is beyond full, it’s more like a platter now actually, and you know that it’s time to delegate to someone, but who? Where do you… [Read More]

How To Create Engaging Online Videos: 6 Questions To Answer Before Pressing Record


I’d be preaching to the choir if I tried to convince you that online videos are the future of branding and marketing for your business. Yet so many of us still struggle with getting started creating videos of our own. As a professional actress, on-camera consultant, and Creative Director of a rising web-video production company,… [Read More]