Is This Secretly the Reason Your Facebook Reach Has Been Tanking?

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Have you heard the one about alligators living in the sewers beneath New York City? How about the one about people exploding after mixing Pop Rocks and Coke? Or the one where the babysitter was getting creepy phone calls…FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE?? See, urban legends are a ton of fun. They’re juuuust believable enough to… [Read More]

6 Cringeworthy Social Media Automation Mistakes That Will Make Even Your Biggest Fans Roll Their Eyes at You


Let’s go back a couple of years. See, a couple of years ago, the whole idea of social media automation was pretty new – and it didn’t necessarily make sense for a ton of people to be jumping on board that bandwagon. Back then, you could manage your company’s social presence basically the same way… [Read More]

Facebook Will Show You Performance Data for Someone Else’s Page – Here’s How to Get It

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Everybody does a little Facebook stalking from time to time. It’s pretty harmless, right? You spend a couple minutes here and there cruising photos from your coworker’s barbecue, or reading status updates posted by your old high school buddies. A fun little time-waster, that’s all. When it comes to your business, though, it isn’t just… [Read More]

The Quick and Easy Guide to Making Your Twitter Feed Less Crowded Without Unfollowing Anyone

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Is it possible to follow too many people on Twitter? Can you reach a point where the number of people you follow just hits critical mass, and your feed has so many voices in it that all you hear is noise? Well, yeah – you can! And when that happens, keeping up on Twitter doesn’t… [Read More]

7 Status Update Ideas That Will Completely Cure Your Social Media Writer’s Block

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You ever have that dream where you’re standing in front of an audience and you don’t know what to say? Like, you’re up at the podium, and you’ve forgotten your speech. Or it’s opening night of the big show, and you don’t know any of your lines. And everyone’s watching, and waiting for you to… [Read More]

3 Psychological Marketing Tricks You’ve Already Fallen For (and How You Can Use Them Yourself)

Free will

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the power to persuade any consumer, anywhere, of anything? (Don’t lie, the only true answer is “yes.”) It’s probably for the best that brainwashing techniques of that magnitude don’t actually exist, considering what would happen if they fell into the wrong hands. That said, the human brain comes… [Read More]

When Is The Best Time to Post on Twitter? Use This Hack To Find The Answer Inside Your Own Twitter Account

New Twitter Analytics

Remember a few months ago, when I gave you a guided tour of Twitter analytics? Yeah, well, forget it. Pull all that info right out of your brain and throw it away. (Or recycle it. Save the Earth, yo.) You see, Twitter went and changed some stuff this month. New data, new look, new everything…. [Read More]

This Is Why Nobody Sees Your Tweets (Explained By Math!)

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In the time it takes you to read this sentence, about 40,509 tweets will have been published. Kind of a lot, right? According to Twitter, the social network posts about 500 million new updates every single day – an average of about 5787 per second. Basically, things move fast in the ol’ Twittersphere, and that… [Read More]

This Guy Just Made Social Media Automation About a Million Times Easier


You know by now how much I believe in the importance of social media automation (and the importance of doing it RIGHT). Even if you haven’t participated in Social Brilliant (which goes super in-depth into automation strategies), you’ve probably gotten the message. I’ve blogged about why it makes sense with today’s social network algorithms, I’ve… [Read More]

Confessions of a Newb: The Biggest Surprises from My First Foray Into Software Development

Chris and Matthias working on Edgar's code this April. Most of the team still hadn't seen it by then!

Last week, I wrote a little about what you need to keep in mind if you want to create your own software, like an app. (I hope it was helpful!) See, right now, I’m getting ready for the big public launch of my OWN piece of software – my very first one! – and it’s… [Read More]