Is Hiring a Social Media Intern for Your Small Business the Best Idea Ever, or the Worst?

hiring an intern for social media

I always like to ask people what frustrates them about blogging and social media, and usually, they say the same thing. It isn’t that they don’t like writing blog posts about their business. It isn’t that they don’t love spending time interacting directly with fans and followers! It’s that they hate, hate, HATE all the… [Read More]

10 Small Business Blogs That Belong in Your Bookmarks

Web Designer Depot screen shot

You know how much I love blogs. (And no, not just my own!) I mean, in the past, I’ve used this space to recommend some of the blogs that I read for inspiration, news, tips, and advice. Today’s gonna be a little different, though! Because everybody on my team has their own individual area of… [Read More]

The Quick and Easy Guide to Writing Irresistible Email Subject Lines

A look into a spam folder

Being ignored hurts. It’s one thing when you write a blog post that doesn’t get much traffic, or you share something on social media and nobody responds. After all, there’s always the chance that people just didn’t notice it, and it slipped by your audience. But your emails? That’s another thing entirely! You KNOW that… [Read More]

3 New WordPress Plugins for Scoring More Shares, Subscribers, and Superfans

List Builder Email Subscribe Popover

Since 1953, the superspy James Bond has traveled the world foiling clever plots and outwitting dozens of worthy adversaries. But while Bond is a one-person army, his success frequently relies on brilliant inventions prepared for him by Q. Without his rocket-launching cars, exploding watches, and sword canes, would he have attained his many successes? Even… [Read More]

The “Here’s Exactly What to Do” Guide to Finding, Hiring, and Working With Your Very First Project Manager

Hire Your First Workshop

Earlier this week, I gave you the skinny on project managers, and why I adamantly believe that a lot of businesses really need one. Well, now I want to tell you about how to get one of your very own. You see, a project manager takes care of all the messy, detailed, nitty-gritty sort of… [Read More]

Project Managers: Who They Are, What They Do, and Why Your Business Freakin’ Needs One

Who do I hire first?

When you go into a store or a restaurant, take a look around – who do you see working? Are the employees all just hustling about and doing their thing, or is there a manager on duty keeping everything running smoothly? Odds are, there’s at least one person in the joint whose sole job is… [Read More]

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Uncomplicated Editorial Calendars and Business Blogging

Written in Stone

Do you know how to make a Pop Tart? Probably. You probably know that while you can eat them cold, like cavemen did before they invented fire, they’re WAY better if you toast them. But how do you know? Did you see it in a commercial? Did someone tell you to do it? Did you… [Read More]

4 Sneaky Hacks to Squeeze More Time Out of Your Day

Energy peaks throughout the day

You’ve got huge ideas for your business. You’d love to take on new clients, explode your Facebook page, or develop your own product. You even know how to do it. You know what needs done to make it happen. The problem? Time. Your Ideas are Bigger Than Your Hours You’ve got too much on your… [Read More]

The 5-Step Formula to Running a Successful Promotion More Than Once

Promo calendar

You know how every year, it seems like more and more of the movies coming out are sequels? Time after time, it’s the same characters going on a wild adventure again, and saving the world again, and making a bajillion dollars AGAIN. The thing is, though, it’s good business! I mean, Hollywood just does the… [Read More]

Literally Everything You Need to Know About Making a Successful Sales Page

Example of a successful sales page from Nathan Barry

Some products are just so universally appealing, they practically sell themselves – like a case for your smartphone, or a blanket with sleeves. Not everybody has it so easy, though – and if you want to make sales online, you need to work for it! Your sales page is one of the most important parts… [Read More]