How to Stop Facebook’s New Algorithm Changes from Ruining Your Organic Reach

Facebook being a downer

In case you missed it, Facebook made some huge international headlines late last month – and not in a good way. Basically, the social network revealed that it had manipulated the news feeds of 690,000 users as part of an experiment. They wanted to see if showing people happy stories in their news feeds made… [Read More]

Got an Idea for an App? Here’s How to Make It Into a Reality


At some point, every one of us has started a sentence with the words, “I wish there was an app that…” You can admit it! There are things you WISH you could do with technology, but nobody has created a way for you to do it yet. That’s what happened to me around the beginning… [Read More]

Social Media Mythbusters: Debunking the Three Biggest Myths About Marketing Automation

social media automation - it's cruise control, not autopilot

The idea of automating anything can be a little unnerving. I mean, just look at what happened at Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park could have been the coolest place ever! Come on – a dinosaur zoo? Yes, please! But aside from the whole “your own hubris will bring about your demise” aspect to the dinosaur-cloning thing,… [Read More]

Facebook Photo Tagging And Your Privacy: What You Need to Know to Get It Right

Facebook tagging privacy

Facebook privacy is a tricky thing. On the one hand, you want to make yourself super accessible, so that new friends can find you and you can expand your network. On the other hand, though, you want your privacy – and sometimes, Facebook’s interest in learning about you can be a liiiiittle on the creepy… [Read More]

Why You Really, Really Need to Stop Looking for the Next Big Thing for Your Business

to-do list

I’m not exactly what you’d call a car person. I know the basics – press foot to pedal, engine go vroom – but you’re not gonna catch me hookin’ up nitrous oxide tanks and calculating what kind of spoiler creates the best wind resistance. What I DO know, though, is that doing a lot of… [Read More]

Is Hiring a Social Media Intern for Your Small Business the Best Idea Ever, or the Worst?

hiring an intern for social media

I always like to ask people what frustrates them about blogging and social media, and usually, they say the same thing. It isn’t that they don’t like writing blog posts about their business. It isn’t that they don’t love spending time interacting directly with fans and followers! It’s that they hate, hate, HATE all the… [Read More]

10 Small Business Blogs That Belong in Your Bookmarks

Web Designer Depot screen shot

You know how much I love blogs. (And no, not just my own!) I mean, in the past, I’ve used this space to recommend some of the blogs that I read for inspiration, news, tips, and advice. Today’s gonna be a little different, though! Because everybody on my team has their own individual area of… [Read More]

The Quick and Easy Guide to Writing Irresistible Email Subject Lines

A look into a spam folder

Being ignored hurts. It’s one thing when you write a blog post that doesn’t get much traffic, or you share something on social media and nobody responds. After all, there’s always the chance that people just didn’t notice it, and it slipped by your audience. But your emails? That’s another thing entirely! You KNOW that… [Read More]

3 New WordPress Plugins for Scoring More Shares, Subscribers, and Superfans

List Builder Email Subscribe Popover

Since 1953, the superspy James Bond has traveled the world foiling clever plots and outwitting dozens of worthy adversaries. But while Bond is a one-person army, his success frequently relies on brilliant inventions prepared for him by Q. Without his rocket-launching cars, exploding watches, and sword canes, would he have attained his many successes? Even… [Read More]

The “Here’s Exactly What to Do” Guide to Finding, Hiring, and Working With Your Very First Project Manager

Hire Your First Workshop

Earlier this week, I gave you the skinny on project managers, and why I adamantly believe that a lot of businesses really need one. Well, now I want to tell you about how to get one of your very own. You see, a project manager takes care of all the messy, detailed, nitty-gritty sort of… [Read More]