A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Technical Backbone of a High-Volume Member Site

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Note from Matthias Hager, resident tech guru at LKR: A few weeks ago I mentioned to our team that we should have a blog post explaining why we use some of the tools we do for our Social Media Marketer member site. To say that it’s a frequently asked question from members is an understatement…. [Read More]

Back Office Secrets: One Tool to Take Control of Your Inbox (and Your Sanity)


It’s every entrepreneur’s worst nightmare. There you are, chugging along with your daily routine – talking to clients, making phone calls, wrapping up paperwork – when suddenly, an email appears in your inbox. And it is not happy to be there. It’s a follow-up from a prospective client who was ready to hire you. She… [Read More]

8 Simple Fixes for Lonely Blog Syndrome

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You’ve got a great blog for your business. You figured out where and how to host it, came up with a design, and are actually writing and publishing content that is really interesting for your community. Or at least you THINK it would be be really interesting and useful for your community, but you’re not… [Read More]

The Most Powerful Page on Your Website & How to Supercharge It

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Not all web pages are created equal. It might not be fair, but some pages on your site just get more attention than others. This is actually very good news for you (the smart entrepreneur doing her research), because once you know what your visitors are paying attention to, you can use it to grow… [Read More]

The No-More-Excuses Newsletter Checklist


When I started LKR Social Media, I had no blog and just a one-page website so I began with just a newsletter. I had tried to send out a quality newsletter when I worked as a freelance web designer, and I had been terrible at it. It was so hard to get it done and… [Read More]

Visualize Your Analytics: Numbers Can Be Pretty, Too!


Oh, you don’t love spreadsheets? Looking at your Facebook insights makes your head hurt? If you would rather do anything but track your social media analytics, have no fear math-phobes. There are swanky tools out there made just for us visual learners. Reviewing your analytics can be pretty overwhelming. Once you finally wrap your head… [Read More]

Why All Successful Business Owners are Intuitive


All successful business owners have these 2 things in common; they are strategic and instinctive. They are biz savvy. They know all the things you need to know to run a successful business. They know how to leverage, how to use social media, how to create and build audiences, how to be engaging, and how… [Read More]

Warning: This Means the End of The Pinterest Time-Suck


Have you been dedicating lots of time to Pinterest, pumped up by the sheer volume of visitors it receives each day, but not entirely sure how that investment of your time was paying off? (Confession: at LKR we started paying attention to this social network only in the past year but I’m so glad we… [Read More]

Land Way More Leads with This One Tweak to Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools in your social media arsenal and yet it’s often overlooked or pushed aside to make room for flashier, more “marketing-friendly” platforms. We leave our profiles to gather dust until the very last moment when we notice it’s terribly out of date but important for an application or… [Read More]

3 Small Ways to Make Big Changes to Your Website and Online Marketing


Creating your own online presence — DIY’ing as I call it — can be a daunting task. For small and single-person businesses, however, keeping things like website design and development in-house isn’t a choice…it’s a necessity. And, for most DIYers, there comes a time when you look at your self-created website and know that it… [Read More]