Building Brand Loyalty on Twitter: What You Can Learn from Jack Reacher, Mindy Kaling, and a Flock of Liberated Chicken


As a consumer, I love Twitter because it gives me access to people and organizations that wouldn’t necessarily be easy to access. One time, my pre-teen crush, Dean Cain, retweeted my confession of love. Another time, a famous astrologer, Susan Miller, gave me personalized financial advice (she told me to watch out last October because… [Read More]

3 List Building Screw-Ups You’ve Already Made (And How To Fix Them, Pronto)

face palm

Experts say “the money is in the list,” and they’re right. Your list provides the opportunity to contact subscribers regularly in their inboxes, rather than only on a social platform. There, you can offer up tailored solutions to their problems… IF you aren’t screwing up. Here are the 3 most common screw-ups almost everyone’s committed… [Read More]

A Guided Tour of Facebook Insights: The Best Time to Post on Facebook

Facebook page insights

What if you decided that this was the year you stopped making guesses about what works for Facebook marketing? Today you’re going to figure out the best times to post on Facebook to maximize the reach and engagement of your posts, as well as clicks through to your site. The best news? Everything you find… [Read More]

Still Spending Ages on Social Without Any Results? I Created This Live Hangout For You


Since it’s still January of the new year, I want to propose a dramatic change in your business: you’re not going to play the guessing game anymore. Here’s what happens when you guess in your business: You waste time You lose money You don’t spend money where it needs to be spent You reach the… [Read More]

How To Create Your Own Pinnable Graphics

Jessica Kupferman

As one of the newest social media websites, Pinterest has already climbed to the #3 spot in social media for most visitors right behind Facebook and Twitter. How about that for growth? No matter what type of business you’re in, you probably have a few tips or words of inspiration that you can share with… [Read More]

3 Delegation Nightmares You’ll Avoid Thanks To These Strategies For Systematic Success

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One of the most impressive things about Laura Roeder is how quickly she transformed LKR Social Media into a highly lucrative empire. During my recent interview with her, she shared part of what made this remarkable growth possible: “If you want to grow your business past a certain level, you’ve got to add more people…. [Read More]

5 Things Your Website Must Have to Bring in Leads

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Congratulations, you’ve made it, big shot!  Well, maybe not huge, but big considering where you were a few months ago. You know that driving traffic to your website is key, and now that you’re seeing those page views tick upward, you need to make sure that you’re converting those views into leads. When designing or… [Read More]

The 7 Rules for Providing Excellent Customer Service, Every Time


So you’ve exceeded your insanely high sales goal for the latest of your awesome products, your customers love it, and you’re raking in the dough . . . yessss! The end, right? Not really. The difference between getting a one-time sale and gaining a loyal, shout-to-the-heavens-satisfied customer is the customer service you provide during and… [Read More]

Stop Launch Overwhelm By Choosing The One Right Tool To Keep You On Track

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I get asked almost every single day what I use to plan and manage launches. In fact in a recent thread inside the Fearless Launching community, this topic literally set everyone on fire – and sidetracked a few of us (yes, me too!)… because there are so many approaches to planning and managing… and if… [Read More]

5 Pieces of Social Media Advice You Should Ignore Right Now

Wendy Maynard

Entrepreneur, beware of bad social media advice! While there are many credible, experienced individuals who can help guide your social media strategy, you may also run into self-proclaimed social media “experts” and “gurus” who can quickly lead you astray with dubious recommendations and misguided information. Here are 5 pieces of terrible (but common) social media… [Read More]