The Quick and Easy Guide to Making Your Twitter Feed Less Crowded Without Unfollowing Anyone

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Is it possible to follow too many people on Twitter? Can you reach a point where the number of people you follow just hits critical mass, and your feed has so many voices in it that all you hear is noise? Well, yeah – you can! And when that happens, keeping up on Twitter doesn’t… [Read More]

When Is The Best Time to Post on Twitter? Use This Hack To Find The Answer Inside Your Own Twitter Account

New Twitter Analytics

Remember a few months ago, when I gave you a guided tour of Twitter analytics? Yeah, well, forget it. Pull all that info right out of your brain and throw it away. (Or recycle it. Save the Earth, yo.) You see, Twitter went and changed some stuff this month. New data, new look, new everything…. [Read More]

This Is Why Nobody Sees Your Tweets (Explained By Math!)

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In the time it takes you to read this sentence, about 40,509 tweets will have been published. Kind of a lot, right? According to Twitter, the social network posts about 500 million new updates every single day – an average of about 5787 per second. Basically, things move fast in the ol’ Twittersphere, and that… [Read More]

Twitter Photo Tips: The Ultimate Guide For Social Marketers in 2014

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Would you rather listen to someone describe a piece of artwork, or see it for yourself? Because I could TELL you all about an oil painting of a village under the moon, surrounded by swirls of blue and glowing orbs in the evening sky – but it probably wouldn’t be as impressive as Vincent Van… [Read More]

A Guided Tour of Twitter Analytics: The Best Time to Post on Twitter

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This post was published May, 2014, and Twitter has since redesigned their analytics platform. Check out our new guide to Twitter Analytics. A few months back, I took you on a guided tour of Facebook Insights, and showed you how to use the data that the social network provides to understand things like who your… [Read More]

Building Brand Loyalty on Twitter: What You Can Learn from Jack Reacher, Mindy Kaling, and a Flock of Liberated Chicken


As a consumer, I love Twitter because it gives me access to people and organizations that wouldn’t necessarily be easy to access. One time, my pre-teen crush, Dean Cain, retweeted my confession of love. Another time, a famous astrologer, Susan Miller, gave me personalized financial advice (she told me to watch out last October because… [Read More]

What to Say on Social Media – 10 Talk Worthy Topics

Adeah Wetzel

Are you participating with your friends, followers and likes on social media? Okay, I hear the mumbling…”What do I share? Who cares if I am at the car-wash?” Right. I get that a lot. Try using these 10 talk worthy topics on social media (1-2 posts per day for 30 days) and I promise your… [Read More]

Time To Rethink Your Twitter Profile: 5 Winning Must-Haves For That Personal Touch


At some point we all have to choose a Twitter @name and for most of us it’s a frustrating back and forth finding one that fits. Ugh. It comes to new users and veterans alike when they decide it’s time for a change. (Unless you’re among the lucky few who can grab their real name… [Read More]

Hashtag Your Event


Twitter Hash Icon by Simon Wheatley If you ever conduct group calls, teleseminars, webinars, workshops or any other kind of live event you will love this week’s tip! News about your online or offline live event can easily go viral IF you know how to promote it right on Twitter – and you’re about to… [Read More]

Twelve Twitter Tools You’ve Never Heard Of


Plants that tweet when they need more water, houses that tweet when there’s there’s an intruder, an app that measures whether you’re depressed. These are all among the 1 million+ Twitter applications available today. With a new Twitter application registered every second, you may wonder if you’re using Twitter to the best of your advantage…. [Read More]