5 Things Your Website Must Have to Bring in Leads

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Congratulations, you’ve made it, big shot!  Well, maybe not huge, but big considering where you were a few months ago. You know that driving traffic to your website is key, and now that you’re seeing those page views tick upward, you need to make sure that you’re converting those views into leads. When designing or… [Read More]

Three Lessons for Guest Posting with Confidence

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When you are starting out, whether it be in a new career or striking out on your own, positioning yourself as an expert can be extremely uncomfortable.  You may feel like a fraud or fake, and rest assured, that’s 100% normal. Guest blog posting is a well-established tactic to help you position yourself as an… [Read More]

3 Killer Sources of Copyright-Free Images to Avoid Getting Punched in the Face with a Lawsuit

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Has your business ever gotten you in trouble with the law? It’s something that seems to be happening more and more to small business owners, and it’s the result of being misinformed on a very common issue. That’s why I’m sharing this story to set the record straight and hopefully save you hundreds or thousands… [Read More]

Make These Small Tweaks To Your Site And Immediately Bump Up Your Opt-In Rate

Watch Derek Halpern of Social Triggers give me the low down on my site. Derek is genius at “knowing what makes people tick online”. Here he gives me the skinny on things I can do better on my site to capture more leads, more sales and make the experience for you, the reader, just plain… [Read More]

Want to grow your business? Stop lying to yourself.

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You can’t write a guest blog post because your own website isn’t finished yet. You don’t want to send anyone to your blog because it’s only got a couple measly things published on it. You can’t even THINK about hiring some help because you don’t have a steady stream of clients yet. You’re just not… [Read More]

4.5 Ways To Make Your Blog Comment Section Hotter Than Your Neighbor’s Red Ferrari


Besides the obvious – always ask for them and reply quickly – how do you get more comments on your blog? You can’t respond to thin air! Comments are the heart of your blog – it’s where small business owners like you build your community. But no matter how great your posts are, your blog… [Read More]

3 Small Ways to Make Big Changes to Your Website and Online Marketing


Creating your own online presence — DIY’ing as I call it — can be a daunting task. For small and single-person businesses, however, keeping things like website design and development in-house isn’t a choice…it’s a necessity. And, for most DIYers, there comes a time when you look at your self-created website and know that it… [Read More]

The Secret to Creating an Amazing Brand That You Can Implement Today

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Every great business deserves great branding and it isn’t something that’s reserved for the big shots. Do you want to know the little secret to great branding? It’s consistency. Consistency in your communication develops trust. And people buy from people they trust. The 5 key areas you can achieve brand consistency are: a clear recognizable… [Read More]

Website Content Strategy in Action: The Creative Brief


Building your new website can be a daunting experience – and it’s all too easy to lose sight of the plan you started with. It’s important to create a usable, creative brief which can effectively direct your content choices. Here are the key questions to answer before you get started. By answering these, you’ll be… [Read More]

Get More Eyes on Your Launch With These 5 Simple Website Tweaks


If you’re about to launch something – say a product, program, new service – and you use your website as the main platform to get the word out, you gotta get your site spiffed up. Just like inviting people over to your house for dinner or having a garage sale, there are some must haves… [Read More]