Your Body of Work 2014: Free Online Workshop with Laura Roeder & Pam Slim

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When people ask me about my “career path”, it’s always a bit difficult to answer. I started my business when I was 22, so I don’t have much in the way of traditional work history. I’m considered an expert in my field, yet I don’t have any graduate-level degrees (social media wasn’t exactly a major… [Read More]

Land Way More Leads with This One Tweak to Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools in your social media arsenal and yet it’s often overlooked or pushed aside to make room for flashier, more “marketing-friendly” platforms. We leave our profiles to gather dust until the very last moment when we notice it’s terribly out of date but important for an application or… [Read More]

How To Kickstart Your Next Project And Have It Funded in 30 Days Or Less


Did you know that these days you can announce your dream project and get others to help fund it in less than a month? Move over angel investors, financiers and bank loans, this is the age of crowdfunding. I deliberately didn’t include it in my last post when I wrote about 5 key trends to… [Read More]

Core Components of an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Unfortunately, Social Media Marketing is closing down! No need to worry – you can see all of our great products on our shop page. Take a sneak peak inside Social Media Marketer’s Advanced Email Marketing course. Want to see more of Social Media Marketer? Check it out here!

Is Pinterest the Holy Grail of Web Traffic?


There’s no doubt that Pinterest can be a huge driver of traffic to your website. (Don’t believe us? Check out the amazing case study we mention inside Zero to Pinterest that will have your jaw on the floor!) But, how do you know for certain if Pinterest is generating leads for your business, or is… [Read More]

How To Read a Kindle Book Without a Kindle

More and more books are coming out just on the kindle platform – but can you still read them if you don’t have a kindle? The answer is YES! Kindle offers free applications for reading kindle books for the mac, pc, iphone, ipad, and android. Here are the links: Kindle For Mac Kindle For PC… [Read More]

We’re Hiring Two Fall 2011 Interns!

Marketing Communications Intern Are you a talented student looking for an internship that will give you REAL ownership and responsibilities? If you like to fetch coffee, please don’t respond! We’re a small start-up growing quickly and need more hands on deck to let even more small businesses know about our amazing products!This internship is perfect… [Read More]

The Online Party That Cannot Be Missed

Get Your Free Ticket At

Keep Track Of Your Links

Are you still using your browser’s old-school “bookmarks” menu overloaded with 2,000 links that you’ve accumulated over the past five years? My friend, there is a better way!  I’m constantly coming across website and blog posts that I want to reference for later, but don’t want to clog up my bookmarks menu with. And some… [Read More]

Find a Ning Network

Ning is a super cool free tool that allows anyone to create their own social network. That means you can create a private or public facebook-like site with user profiles, blogs, forums and more. If you’re thinking about creating your own site – stop right there buddy!  Why start your own site when you can… [Read More]