Facebook Marketing Guide

Facebook Marketing:
How Your Small Business Can Thrive With Facebook Marketing

How many friends can I have on Facebook?

Facebook allows you to have no more than 5,000 friends. Once you reach 5,000 you’ll simply be unable to accept new friend requests. However, Facebook pages allow an unlimited number of “likes.” This is one of the many reasons you want to use a page and not a personal profile to promote your small business on Facebook.

Should I use profiles or pages on Facebook for my business?

If your primary goal is to use Facebook for your business, don’t make the mistake of trying to connect with your customers on using a normal Facebook profile page. Here’s why:

Profile Image


  • A Facebook profile is for personal use and you are only allowed one profile per user.
  • A Facebook profile page can only have 5,000 friends, max. Not great when you’re looking to maximize your reach.
  • Users on Facebook share pictures and status updates on their profiles to share with their friends.
  • Facebook profiles may not be indexed by Google, depending on your privacy settings.
Profile Image


  • Facebook Pages are for promotional use, and fans connect with your page by “liking” it.
  • Facebook doesn’t limit the number of how many people can like your page.
  • Pages share status updates, photos, and videos as a way to connect with current fans and attract more.
  • Pages are fully indexed by Google, and with Facebook being such a popular site this can only help you increase traffic to your own website.


For more about why you need to create a Facebook page for your business, rather than using a personal profile, check out Facebook Smackdown: Profiles vs Pages.

Can I create a Facebook page without having a
personal account?

No, Facebook requires that you have a personal profile before you can create a business page. However, you can create a personal account and then convert it to business page, with your Facebook friend count becoming likes on your new page.


What should I name my business’ Facebook page?

Your page name is important because it gives users information about your business and becomes your identity when you leave comments around Facebook. Don’t jam pack your Facebook page name with keywords in an attempt to be more easily searchable. For example, “LKR Social Media Courses for Small Businesses” comes off as spammy and will definitely deter fans. Avoid this by keeping it simple and naming your page after your business or yourself. Examples: “LKR Social Media”, and “Laura Roeder.”


How do I change the name of my Facebook page?

Changing your page name depends on the number of likes your page has. If your page has less than 200 likes, click “edit page,” then select “update page info” and from there you can edit your page name to whatever you’d like. If your page has over 200 likes you you have to submit a name change request to Facebook. Do this by clicking “edit page,” then “update page info” and next to the name field hit “Request Change.” Fill out the request form with the appropriate information. You will also need to attach proof of your business name. Keep in mind that after 200 likes your page name can only be changed once so choose wisely and check for any typos before hitting send.


How do I choose a business category for my page?

There are six major page categories:

Facebook Business Categories

In order to choose the best category for your business, think about your business goals, structure, and who your business serves:

Local Business or Place

Local Business/Place:
Businesses that have a physical address, like a local bakery.

Company, Organization, or Institution

Company, Organization, or

This category is for larger
companies, corporations, or

Local Business or Place

Brand or Product:
For brands and products that do not have a physical location.

Local Business or Place

Artist, Band, or Public Figure: For musicians, actors, and public speakers. If your business is personality driven and your ultimate goal is to “sell yourself” then choose this category.

Local Business or Place

Movies, magazines, books, and more.

Cause or Community

Cause or Community:
For causes such as autism awareness or recycling.


How do I customize my Facebook page URL?

Facebook URL image

Creating a custom Facebook URL is essential in maximizing your business’ Facebook marketing strategy. Custom URLs (also known as “vanity URLs”) are made available once 25 people like your Facebook page. This allows you to create an easy to remember URL such as Facebook.com/LKRSocialMedia instead of the long numerical URLs that are initially assigned to pages. You can find this option by clicking on “Edit Page” in the top right corner of your Facebook page, then choose your username in the “Basic Information” section.


Guidelines for choosing a great Facebook Page URL

  • Take time to choose the right name: Be sure to choose a url that properly represents your business because Facebook only allows you to change it once.
  • It’s ok if you can’t secure your exact business name: Someone else might have already registered a page with the URL you wanted, but that’s ok! You can try variations or abbreviations of your business’ name, as long as people can remember it and associate that URL with you. However, if there’s a copyright issue you can report it to Facebook.
  • Be mindful of the length: Facebook doesn’t allow URLs that are too short (under five characters) but you also don’t want one that’s too long. Again, abbreviating your business page is fine. The key is to make finding your page easier, and a long url can be hard to remember.
Facebook  Likes

How do I add a Facebook “like” button to my business’ website?

One way of directing people to like your page is by embedding a “like” button onto your website. Click here to learn how to install the button. You can adjust the width, height, and appearance of your button to cater it to your business’ website. Once you click “get code,” there will be 4 versions of your button code: HTML5, XFBML, IFRAME, and URL. Copy the IFRAME code and paste it into the appropriate place on your website or blog.

Adding a Facebook like button to Blogger Sidebar:

  • Log into your Blogger account
  • Go to your dashboard and click “Layout,” then “Add a gadget” wherever you want your button to appear
  • Select “HTML/Javascript,” paste your button code in it and press “save”

Adding a Facebook like button to a WordPress.com Blog Sidebar:

  • Log in to your WordPress.com account
  • Go to your dashboard and click “Appearance,” then “Widgets”
  • Select the Facebook Like Box Widget

How do I add applications to my business’ Facebook page?

Guide people to the next step in your sales funnel directly from your Facebook page by customizing your apps. Want more people to sign up for your email list or check out an ongoing product offering? Then choose or make an app for it and display it on your page.

To choose a new application to add to your page, expand the app bar and click on the plus sign next to one of the empty boxes.

Click on “find more apps.”

You’ll be directed to pages and pages of apps that you can add to your page.

For a specific example of creating an application take a look at our blog post about creating a YouTube application.


What are some common Facebook applications for small business?

There are millions of apps, but not all of them are useful for business purposes.
Here are some common applications that will benefit your small business Facebook page.

Facebook Apps
  • A link to your website:
    Need a cool way to link to your website using Facebook? There’s an app for that. Whether you own an e-commerce store, or you sell services adding an attractive button will increase traffic to your website.
  • Other Social Media Links:
    People love to keep up with their favorite brands/businesses, so add links to your Pinterest or Instagram accounts to encourage your Facebook fans to follow you on your other social media networks.
  • Mailing list:
    Adding a button that leads to a mailing list sign-up form is an easy way to bump up your number of subscribers.
  • Events:
    Do you have an event coming up? Spread the word by adding a button to your Facebook page.

How do I link my Facebook page with my other social media profiles?

Social Media
  • Linking to Youtube:
    There is now an easy to install application that displays your YouTube videos in a tab on your Facebook page. Once logged in to Facebook, click here, then click “install application,” and “add page tab.” In the administrator panel, add your YouTube username.
  • Linking to Twitter:
    Want your tweets to post to your Facebook page? Link your tweets to Facebook by logging into Twitter, going to your profile settings, and clicking “sign into Facebook and connect your accounts”. After signing in and granting Twitter permission to post to your page, your tweets will stream on your Twitter timeline as well as your Facebook Page.
  • Linking to Pinterest:
    To add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page, click here, then “install application,” and “add page tab.” In the administrator panel, add your Pinterest username.

How do I post to Facebook as my Facebook Page (instead of my personal profile)?

Facebook allows you to switch between your personal profile and your page. To make the switch, go to Account in the top right-hand corner and click on Use Facebook as Page. In the pop up window, click Switch to (your page’s name). That’s it! You’re now using Facebook as your page and can leave comments on your own or other pages.


Why use Facebook as my page instead of my profile?

Reach the right people:
When posting to your own page as your page, your fans will see the post on their timelines. However when posting as your own personal profile, only a small number of your friends, who may not be fans, will see the activity.

Attract new likes:
When you use Facebook as your page and leave comments on and like posts related to your industry, you’re creating more opportunities for people who may be interested in your business to find and like your page.


Building your fanbase – how do I get more likes for my business on Facebook?

When you first create your Facebook business page you’ll immediately reach your first dilemma: you have only one like — and it’s your own! People won’t just stumble onto your page on their own.

While there are many ways to get likes, including creating and paying for ads, following my basic 3-step Facebook Marketing Overview will help you get people interested in your page for free:

1. Inform

Send people to your Facebook page who already like your business. Leave links to your Facebook page on every social media profile you have, on the signature of emails, or even on your business card.

2. Automate

Use automated social media tools, like Edgar, to schedule status updates. This way, you don’t have to constantly check on your Facebook page, and any time somebody reaches your page, they’ll be greeted with new content.

3. Engage

Jump in and engage. Make your page a fun place to visit by encouraging fans to interact on your page. Regularly ask questions, share photos, and tell stories. Like and comment on other pages as your page.

How do I use Facebook Ads?

Facebook gives you the option to pay for promotion through the creation of ads. Facebook ads can be tailored to target specific customers by gender, age, and location. Check out our blog post The Only Facebook Ad You’ll Ever Need for more information on creating quality ads.

Facebook Boost Feature

What is the boost post feature and should I use it?

On Facebook you can pay to “boost” your posts, moving them higher in the newsfeed and increasing the chances of your fans, and other targeted users, seeing them. Boosting a post is a simpler quicker alternative to creating an ad, but we don’t always recommend it because you don’t get to choose any targeting options. Read our blog post Drive Major Traffic With The Only Facebook Ad You’ll Ever Need for more info on what we DO recommend.


How do I highlight posts on my page?

Don’t let important posts (ongoing promotions, giveaways, etc) get lost in a sea of content. Instead highlight and pin posts to make them stand out on your page. Highlight posts by:

  • Hovering your mouse over the upper right hand corner of your posts
  • Clicking the down arrow to expand a drop down menu
  • Choosing “highlight.”

This will expand the width of your posts to two columns across. To pin a post to the top of your page, repeat steps one and two, then click “pin to the top.”

How do I see who is looking at my page?

Facebook Graph

Using Facebook Marketing Insights

Facebook offers in-depth user data about your page, called Insights. To find your Insights, log in to your Facebook page. You have your Admin Panel right at the top. Click “Insights” and then you just have to click on “See All.” Insights includes information on the gender, age and location of who is looking at your page, as well as which types of status updates are the most popular. With this information you can create content that better engages your Facebook fans.


How Can I Tell How Many People Saw A Post On My Facebook Page?

People Saw this post

Luckily Facebook makes it super easy to find how many people have seen a post on your page by
listing the exact number right underneath.

Pay attention to the posts that get seen the most. Are they photos? Text posts? Links? Use this information to tailor and improve the kind of content you share with your audience.

Why aren’t people seeing my Facebook posts?

So you’ve made your page and you’ve attracted some new likes, but you realize that out of your 500 fans only 60 have seen your latest post! The reason for this is Facebook’s 3-part algorithm called Edgerank.

What is Edgerank and How Does It Affect My Page?

“Affinity,” “weight,” and “time decay” all work together in the algorithm to determine which users will see your post on their timeline. Sound confusing? Let me clear it up for you:

  • Affinity:
    a Facebook user’s affinity with your page depends on how often and in what ways they interact with you. The more a user likes, shares, clicks, and comments on your page posts, the more of you and your business they’ll see in their Facebook timeline.
  • Weight:
    Weight refers to the value of a post based on what kind of post it is. For example, posts that include photos, links, and videos may have a higher weight than those that don’t. And if that weren’t hard enough to keep track of alone, weight increases the more users interact with a post. So, a post without a photo that got a bunch of likes or comments might be weighted more heavily than a photo post with no engagement at all.
  • Time Decay:
    Facebook posts lose value with age. The longer your post has been active, the less frequently it’ll show up in the newsfeeds of people who’ve liked your business’ page.

How can I get more views on my business’ Facebook posts?

Before you shell out cash for ads, try optimizing the way you use Facebook for your business to get more eyeballs on your content for free. Here’s what you can do to see those views increase:

  • Attract more fans:
    Remember affinity depends on creating a relationship with fans and encouraging them to like, comment, and share your posts. So the more likes you have, the more chances you have to increase affinity with each individual user.
  • Respond to Facebook messages:
    Responding to Facebook messages in a timely manner can increase your affinity with users, plus it’s just the nice thing to do!
  • Post irresistible content:
    Posts with engaging content hold more weight, so share stuff that encourages people to comment, like, and share.
  • Post questions:
    Ask your fans questions to get them talking on your page.
  • Add a call to action:
    At the end of posts tell your fans to like, share, and comment on your posts.
  • Post often:
    There’s no free way of keeping your post from dying off, but by posting several times a day, you stay on your fans’ timelines without having to worry too much about time decay eating up all your posts.
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