Guest Post Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in writing for LKR Social Media!

What’s something about social media marketing that has surprised you? What’s something you’ve tried that’s worked for your business— or flopped big time? What’s a strategy you love and live by that other people haven’t tried yet?

We love featuring talented personalities on our blog— we look for authors with a unique perspective and a point of view that our readers can identify with. If you want to share opinions and strategies that are backed by data and real expertise with our (if we may say so ourselves) HUGE community of readers, here’s what you need to know:

We Only Publish On Topics We Like To Read About Ourselves

The topics we cover at LKR Social Media include social media marketing (duh!), optimization, content marketing, lead generation, (non-slimy) ways to increase blog traffic, and building relationships with followers and customers. We also love a good productivity post every now and then.

We Post Content That’s Valuable, Useful, And Actionable

The most successful posts on LKR Social Media break down huge, intimidating processes into smaller, actionable steps that our audience can follow along with. Or, they explain confusing ideas and concepts in a way that regular people (like us) can understand and do something with.

LKR Social Media readers are highly motivated to improve and tweak their own business’ processes and strategies, so give them content they can actually act on.

We Care About Quality, Style, and Personality

Hey, we’re not perfect and we don’t expect you to be either. But please put the time and effort into your submission to make sure it’s relatively error-free, well-organized, and clearly written.

Get specific! Make sure you’re offering your own unique perspective or putting an interesting spin on the topic at hand, especially if it’s broad, like “social media marketing.”

Take a look a few of our favorite posts of 2013. Not all of those posts were from our blog, but this list gives you a peek into what we really love to read and the style of posts we respond to.


The Rules:

  • Keep your posts easy on the eyes. Break chunks of text up into smaller paragraphs or use bulleted lists where appropriate.

  • Your post must be original content that’s never been published elsewhere.

  • Keep your posts between 500 to 1,000 words. We’re not going to get out an abacus to make sure, but please don’t push it.

  • Refrain from self-promotion in your post. If published, you’ll get an about the author blurb at the end of the piece, where you’re free to link back to your website and name-drop your products.

  • Include more than 1 title option (about 3 would be ideal). Spend extra time on this — your title options should be informative, catchy, and OH-SO-ENTICING.

  • If you include photos in your document, they must be your own. You may also source photos from Creative Commons licensed content, as long as it’s listed for commercial use and you include a link to the image in your document.

  • We prefer Google Docs. Create a Google Doc with your name, title options, post, images, headshot, and author bio and enter the share link into the form below. (If you’re absolutely unable to use Google Docs, please cut and paste your submission in its entirety into the form.)

  • Please note that we may edit your piece for length, or to match the style and tone of our blog. If we like your piece, but it needs more than minor editing for the above reasons, we may ask you to send us a revision.

  • Submitting posts through the form below does not guarantee your post will be published on LKR Social Media.


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Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we may not be able to reply to every submission. If we like your post, we’ll be in touch! If you haven’t heard from us within 4 weeks, feel free to submit a different post.

Did your post get accepted? Awesome! Check out our toolkit here for tips on what to do after your post is live.