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Welcome, entrepreneur!

My name is Laura Roeder and I’m the founder of this website.

If you are a small business owner who is feeling overwhelmed by ALL the different pieces of technology you need to run your small business, you are about to loooove me!

That’s because I make technology, specifically social media marketing, dead-simple to understand and implement.

Want to know more about me?

Here’s a little story about my background and how I got into this whole mess!

I was raised in an entrepreneurial family, my father is an architect and my mother runs the business and keeps the books. I believe my first small business was selling painted rocks, though my family were my only customers.

The mainstream internet began when I was a child, and I was lucky enough to be exposed early. I taught myself how to code websites in junior high school, and I’ve always been fascinated by online communities and how people share and explore using the web.

I earned a degree in Advertising at The University of Texas, while continuing to teach myself about the web and online communications. When I graduated at age 20 I moved to Chicago to start my professional career.

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When I was 22 years old, I quit my first and last job as a designer at an ad agency to start my own business. (Yup, that means I jumped straight from “Junior Designer” to “CEO” as my job title, pretty great shortcut if you ask me!) I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew that if I could find just one local business that needed me to build them a website I would be in business. And right away I had a tiny but thriving one-woman design business going.

That was all well and good, but the problem was scale. I have always loved the small business community, I just feel at home among other small business owners and I love the huge impact that a new website or Facebook page can have on local business’ bottom line. But I saw that if I wanted to grow my business, and make more money, I would need to go for larger and larger corporate clients that could pay me bigger and bigger fees.

There had to be a better way!

So in 2009, I fired all my web design clients and switched over to the business that you see today – scalable social media consulting.

How can consulting be scalable?

Here’s how! Each of us only has so many hours every day. Even if I had an insane roster and worked around the clock, I knew I would only be able to serve a few hundred businesses per year at MOST in a traditional consulting model. But my vision was bigger than that. I knew that there were waaay more than a few hundred small businesses out there that needed my help!

Laura Roeder

When I moved from Chicago to Venice, California in 2008 I took it as an opportunity for a fresh start. I decided to get serious about building my dream business.

So I took what I learned, and instead of talking to a client, I started talking to a video camera. That’s right, instead of in-person sessions my strategic consulting is provided in the form of videos that you watch in your own office, on your own time, at your own pace.

That idea has turned into a thriving business that serves thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe and provides a living for a team of people that have joined me in bringing this vision to reality. (See our company about page for more information.)

It has been an amazing, fast-paced journey and I’ve been lucky enough to speak at some of the most well-respected events in my industry included South by Southwest Interactive, BlogHer, and The Social Communications Summit and get quoted in big name publications like the LA Times, Bloomberg, and CNET.

I’m big on building a business that supports the lifestyle that you love. I believe that social media is part of a new way of running a business – a business that is internet-driven (even if you don’t sell online), flexible, scalable, and provides you with a life, not a grind. I travel frequently and recently spent 3 weeks in India and 2 weeks in South Africa totally unplugged.

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Either way, I’m honored that you’ve taken a little time out of your day to visit my site. I hope that it’s helpful to you, and that I can continue to help you leverage technology to make your small business succeed beyond your wildest dreams. :)

To your big success!

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