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LinkedIn is focused on creating a social network for professionals and their businesses. With over 150 million users globally, your LinkedIn marketing strategy is an important part of your overall business marketing strategy.

Use LinkedIn as a professional way to open some doors with prospective clients and get yourself and your business known and “linked in” in your industry.

Why should I use LinkedIn for marketing?
While it doesn’t receive as much attention, may not seem as “juicy” or “gossipy” as Facebook and Twitter or dull in comparison, there are a lot of positives to having a LinkedIn account. People are on LinkedIn to connect with businesses and business professionals.

LinkedIn has built a reputation as the “professional” social media site and prospects want to be able to look you up there to find history, recommendations and your resume. LinkedIn marketing is often an untapped way to market your business.

How do I get recommendations on LinkedIn?
Ask and you shall receive! If you want recommendations on LinkedIn, (and you should, these are great public testimonials for your business) you need to specifically ask for them. Click “profile” in the LinkedIn navigation, then click “recommendations” then “ask for recommendations”. From here, follow the steps to ask clients, customers, and vendors to recommend you and your business. Public testimonials can be a game-changer for your business.

How do I get people to find me on LinkedIn?
Make your profile keyword-rich. Your LinkedIn headline and description are two great areas to put in keywords that you want people to find you for. Remember to put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and use the words they use to describe your industry – which may not be the same words you would use. For example, you may use the term “agent”, but your prospects might be searching for the term “realtor”.

How can I leverage groups as a LinkedIn marketing tool?
LinkedIn groups are a great way to have instant access to a very targeted audience. You can search for your audience on LinkedIn and get your website in front of them, answer questions and be a resource to that group. Starting your own group can be a good way to get yourself known as a leader in that community and use LinkedIn marketing as a way to succeed.

Can I automate my LinkedIn messages?
You can automate and schedule LinkedIn messages ahead of time using HootSuite. You can also use HootSuite’s RSS feature to update LinkedIn with your latest blog posts automatically!

What’s a basic LinkedIn marketing strategy?
A basic LinkedIn marketing strategy is to first optimize your profile, have keywords and make sure your profile is fully filled out. Often, the biggest mistake people make is not having any information on their profile. You’re on LinkedIn to connect with new peers and get new leads so not everyone knows your name. Use keyword-rich descriptions, include your company website, and your photo.

Use LinkedIn as a way to keep in touch with prospects and discover new ones. It’s important to use LinkedIn groups to showcase your business as a resource and a leader in your field, as well as make sure to use LinkedIn as a way to keep in touch with prospects and discover new ones. You can also use LinkedIn groups to showcase your business as a resource and yourself as a leader in your field.

How can I learn LinkedIn marketing?
I recommend our Zero to LinkedIn course available to members of Social Media Marketer.

There are various ways to be a successful LinkedIn user. Between joining field-relevant groups, participating in discussions and connecting with others in your field, you’ll be on your way to gaining new, professional contacts and finding LinkedIn marketing a viable strategy to grow your business.

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