Small Business Social Media Marketing Courses

  • Intro to Social Media Marketing

    Get Social Media Wrapped Around Your Little Finger

    Start here! Don’t dive into our other courses before you have a strong understanding of what an effective big-picture social media marketing strategy looks like. In this course you’ll learn what social media really is, how it works, and how to start leveraging it for more business. If you feel like you haven’t quite wrapped your head around all the moving pieces of social media, you will love Intro to Social Media Marketing.

  • Your Profitable Website

    How To Go From Dull To Dolla Bills

    All the traffic in the world won’t help you if you’re driving people back to a website that doesn’t make sales. In this course you’ll learn how to create an effective website that converts visitors into active leads. You’ll also understand exactly where your website fits into your sales process, whether you’re an online or offline business.

  • Blogging for Business

    Blogging: Not Just For Funny Cat Photos Anymore

    Blogging is the cornerstone of a modern social media marketing strategy – people won’t link to and share your pricing page, but they will share great blog posts! In this course, you’ll learn how to build a blog that’s effective for growing both traffic and customers, without devoting your whole life to your blog.

  • Zero to Facebook

    Because Facebook Isn’t Just For Spying on People From High School

    Facebook is currently THE must-use social networking for small business, but it’s also one of the most complex. In this course you’ll go from “zero” to an automated, effective Facebook marketing strategy. (Or learn how to get the most out of your Facebook time if you’re already up and running.)

  • Social Media Automation

    Because Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

    Automating some of your social media efforts can be a good time-saver for you and your business. In this course you’ll learn about different automation tools that we use such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, how to use Buffer, all about Facebook’s internal scheduling feature as well as an inside look at how we use automation here at LKR.

  • Backstage Pass to Twitter

    Making Small Talk For Fun & Profit

    Twitter is one of the largest and most active social networks in the world with over 1 billion tweets posted per week and over 500 million users. In this in-depth course you’ll learn how craft a quick, effective Twitter marketing strategy that brings you new business, leads, and opportunities.

  • Advanced Content Marketing

    How To Turn Free Content Into Cash Money

    Content marketing is the art and science of using free content to promote your business and make sales. “Content” includes blog posts, newsletters, videos, reports and other kinds of information or entertainment. In Advanced Content Marketing you’ll learn how to craft and execute an effective content marketing strategy for your small business.

  • Zero to Video Marketing

    Ready, Set, Video!

    Video is hot, but do you have to turn your office into a professional recording studio to make it work? We say NO! Our Zero to Video Marketing course covers how a real small business can start adding video into their marketing mix without professional studios or expensive equipment.

  • Zero to YouTube

    ‘Cause if it Worked for Bieber, it Could Work for You!

    If you think that YouTube isn’t core to a great social strategy, think again! 500 years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook, and over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute.

  • Social Media List Building

    Beef Up That Puny List

    Building your list is one of the most important, yet one of the most troublesome aspects for many small business owners. In this course, we look at the various techniques in growing your email list with prospective customers. Learn how to add an optin-box to your sidebar, the various marketing WordPress plugins, how to use a hello bar to collect optins and even worksheets with optin ideas.

  • Zero to Pinterest Marketing

    Because You’re Pin It to Win It

    Pinterest is quickly rising to fame as the fastest-growing social network out there – with a twist. Because pinterest is entirely visual, small businesses need to get creative and think beyond traditional marketing to find success with Pinterest. Inside this course you’ll learn the ins and outs of an effective business Pinterest account (even if you don’t have a product-based business), and how to leverage Pinterest for leads, traffic, and increasing your “know, like & trust” factor.

  • Advanced Social Media Metrics & Data

    Track Yo’Self Right 

    In this course, learn how to use Google Analytics and pull useful information from there, setting up your goals in Google Analytics and how to use to look at your stats.

  • Social Media Monitoring and Response

    How to Google Yourself And Get Away With It

    Just as important as it is to have an online presence, monitoring and responding to people online is essential. In this course, you’ll learn how to use Netvibes to set up your social media listening station and how to respond to that feedback, whether it’s negative or positive.

  • Zero to LinkedIn

    An Exciting Guide to The Dullest Social Network

    LinkedIn is the only social network dedicated to professional networking – but are you using it the right way to help promote your business? Most people set up their LinkedIn profiles and promptly forget about them. But, your LinkedIn profile is one of the highest google search results when people search for your name. Are you optimizing this prime online real estate?

  • Advanced Social Media Selling

    AKA How to Shill Less and Sell More

    Social media marketing won’t help you unless it’s backed up by sales for your business. But how exactly does social media tie in with your sales process? That’s what we answer in this course. Learn how to turn social media marketing into steady sales for your small business.

  • Zero to Google Plus

    Because Google Thinks It’s Important (Even If They’re The Only Ones)

    With its deep integration to google’s search results, Google+ is the overlooked underdog in social media marketing. Developing a strong presence on Google+ can increase your visibility across the web. Plus, it has a few cool features for tracking who is sharing your content and how it’s spreading across the web.

  • Advanced Business Systems

    We Make Systems so That You Don’t Have To

    In this course, learn about turning your goals into systems and getting these ideas out into the world and into your business. Hear about what to do with everything, figuring out your priorities and delegation.

  • Advanced Email Marketing

    Write Emails That People Actually Want to Read

    Email marketing is the art and science of motivating your prospects and customers via email. It means email ads, newsletters, quick update emails, and everything in between. Most small businesses know they should be leveraging email but lack a strategic plan. This Advanced Email Marketing course is your answer! You’ll walk away from this course with a sophisticated, profitable email marketing strategy that you can put on autopilot in your business.