Zero to YouTube

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About This Course

If you think that YouTube isn’t core to your business’ social media strategy, think again! 500 years (yes, YEARS) of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook alone, and over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute. Enroll in this course today to learn how to bring in more views on YouTube.

  • How to create your own channel on YouTube
  • The small tweak to drive traffic back to your website from each YouTube video
  • How to search engine optimize each of your videos
  • A walk-through of all of YouTube’s settings
  • How to create a professional looking YouTube page with custom branding
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  • “Social Media Marketer is INVALUABLE”
    In addition to the ridiculously huge amount of info in the courses (courses that are both packed with info AND simplistic to understand and implement) the forums are invaluable. I had a bad year working with a coach that under delivered and being that I am just launching my business, I had so many questions. The community on the forums is amazing, both the experts and just members. This is a community full of savvy, creative, friendly entrepreneurs. I learned more in 3 little posts about what I should do with my website than I did in months with a private coach. I was already sold on LKR before social media marketer but now I can’t see myself ever working with anybody that is not part of or referred by the LKR team again. – Mary Jean Padalino

  • “What I love are the action breaks”
    LKR Social Media Marketer gives you EVERYTHING you need to know about social media for your business. There is no fluff or fat – just valuable information.
    What I love are the action breaks. You stop, and take action to implement what you’ve learnt into your business. I love how this makes me accountable for my time. – Katherine Hynes

  • “The checklists have helped me move into to action really quickly”
    I found the checklists have helped me move into to action really quickly. While learning new stuff is always exciting, its easy to put the doing off when it gets overwhelming .
    I found going through the checklists to get the basics in place a great way to get clear and focused around both what to do and what to say! – Sarah Kent