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On Social Media With Nothing To Show For It?

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What if you could make social media something that works for you to bring in new leads automatically - without spending all day glued to your phone trying to come up with something to say?

What if social media could feel easy, relaxed, and just handled - all while growing an engaged audience that actually converts to customers? What if you saw new names added to your list every single day directly from your Facebook and Twitter accounts? And all of this happened just from brief, easy-breezy check-ins?

I’m guessing those “what ifs” sound great . . . but also don’t seem too realistic for your situation.

When you first got on social media, did you imagine it would feel like such an uphill climb? Did you anticipate all the time you would put in week after week only to see such a tiny response?


“I want to get more buyers from social media, but I don’t want to spend my whole life there!”

You’re already spending more hours than you’d like just trying to think up what in the world to post.

So as far as you can tell, if you really wanted to get your following up you’d have to devote your whole life to social media! And that is something you’re just not willing to do.

What if you really can work smarter, not harder on social? And actually see much BETTER results by spending less time online?

Honestly, too many people are settling for a tiny fraction of the results they could be getting on social media. They’re settling for a small following that drives very little traffic and doesn’t even generate any sales for their business. They give up before realizing that they could have hit paydirt with a slightly different strategy.

You might think that you’re already doing everything you can within the time you can afford to spend on social. So I want to assure you that what we’re going to discuss today does NOT take more time. I’m going to show you how to eliminate the time-wasters completely and hone in on ONLY the high-leverage actions.

Social Media paradise really DOES exist!

Because there IS more for you!
There are much bigger possibilities!

Picture this - you start your workday and check in on your social media accounts. You have lost track of exactly how many followers you have because it’s growing at such a rapid clip. It’s crazy to think that all of these people all over the world are choosing to follow you!


These are the kinds of images that fill up your Twitter account

Tons of retweets, favorites and replies. You head over to Facebook and see that your latest update got 68 likes! This feels a looong way away from the days when you were struggling to get even one!

Twitter Activity
Increase your traffic

And then you check the best part - your email list. You added 38 NEW people since yesterday! It still feels like a novelty when unfamiliar names join your list even though by now it happens every day. You can still remember when every name was someone you knew personally. (And most of them were friends you had convinced to sign up just so you wouldn’t be too defeated to keep sending out your newsletter!)

While you’re checking things out, you take a peek at your site’s traffic. You got 41,000 visitors last month with Facebook as your number one traffic source. If you had known that these kinds of numbers could come from social media you would have taken it more seriously a looong time ago.

Social media success is NOT only available to those who have already “made it.”

This little daydream is not unrealistic! This is not a fantasy available only to those who have already “made it.” No matter how big or small your company, this plan is for YOU, even if:

  • You have very little time to spend on social media
  • You’ve already been through other social media materials
  • You currently have a very small audience
  • You don’t have much money to spend on promoting your business

And it’s an incredible breath of fresh air if you’re just plain sick and tired of wasting so much time trying to make social media work!

Listen, I didn’t become a social media expert by getting a Ph.D! I became an expert by trying everything - trying a million different strategies over and over again and seeing what worked.

my social media education is from the real world
Laura accepting an award

Is There a “Winning” Social Media Routine?

my real numbers on social media

I want to assure you that you can absolutely do this. All you need is a few tweaks in how you’re currently using social media. You do NOT need to throw out all the hard work you’ve already done, or reinvent the wheel.

Over time I’ve developed a very simple, clear-cut social media routine that gets BIG results.

I’m currently at 27,700 followers on Twitter, and 38,832 likes on Facebook. I get an average of 50 new people to my email list and 2,000 visits to my website every day. Every single day!

The people that follow me are REAL entrepreneurs just like you, looking to learn more about social media marketing. No gimmicks, no paying for fake accounts. And those social media followers convert to customers for my business.

No Lucky Breaks Required:
the World’s Most Boring Growth Chart

Look at this chart of my growth on social over the past four years. What stood out to me when I first looked at this is what a BORING chart it is! Really steady and consistent growth.

But boring for me is excellent news for you. It proves that big success on social does not require a lucky break.

It doesn’t require that you know someone important who will send out a Facebook message about how great you are, or devote a post on his heavily trafficked blog driving people back to your site. These things are great when they happen! But they also aren’t necessary for you to succeed.

Laura accepting an award

Note that steady and consistent does NOT mean slow. The chart shows that on average I get about 20 brand new followers on Twitter AND 20 brand new likes on Facebook every single day! These are all people that have raised their hands to say “yes! I want to stay in touch with news about your business!” Can you see how powerful that is? When someone follows you on social, they are choosing to opt in to YOUR marketing. That’s 40 humans I’ve never met that are finding my business online each day.

Marketing That Keeps Growing Without You

dotted line

What’s really cool is you can get yourself set up so that this kind of consistent growth happens no matter what you’re doing on any given day. If you abandoned social media your growth rate would surely slow down - but it wouldn’t stop entirely! This is something that makes social media so unique to other marketing channels - you certainly can’t shut down paid advertising but hope that it somehow still brings in a steady trickle of new leads.

Here’s where it gets good for you . . .

I’m finally laying out my entire
step-by-step system on how to succeed on social.

I’ve released many social media training courses over the years, but they’ve always been focused on one drilled-down topic.

This is the first time I’m revealing the whole system: exactly what I do to market my business on social. I’m talking how I come up with content, how I schedule out social media months ahead of time, how I know what to say online, and exactly how I get hundreds of new followers each month on autopilot.

No scams, bots, or gimmicks allowed.

And none of it involves scams, bots, gimmicks, or any other kind of unsustainable strategy. The whole point is to use social media to grow your list and get more customers! So none of it matters unless you’re growing an engaged, loyal community of people who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

down arrow

Finding The Right Rhythm on Social Media . . . Without Spending All Day Online

wasting time on Social Media

You’ve read the resources, you’re a smart person. You run a business! But when it comes to social, something still hasn’t clicked. You haven’t been able to find a rhythm that gets results without eating up all of your time.

We all know the benefits of social - it’s a totally FREE marketing channel where you can scale valuable connections, chat with prospects, and drive tons of traffic to your site and email list. That’s why you’re spending so much time on social already.

So why do you still have a “meh” following?

When you’re spending way more time than you’d like to be on on social but still not getting the kind of likes, popularity, reach, traffic, and leads that you desire, I’m guessing you’re experiencing one of the five major roadblocks.

Start Quote It’s frustrating (OK, embarrassing) getting so little response

End Quote

Have you ever posted a question on Facebook only to have no one answer? Or avoided giving out your Twitter handle because of how few followers you have? On social media, everything is public - and honestly, it can sting a bit to know that everyone can see the poor response you’re getting.

The truth is, we all started from zero! Every Facebook page once had zero likes. Every YouTube video starts out at zero views. The way to build up a larger audience is to follow a simple, proven social media plan and stick with it. You’ll never get those questions answered on Facebook if you stop asking them! I know the beginning stages are frustrating, but everyone has to go through them. Don’t give up.

Start Quote I definitely want to figure out social media . . . but for now I’m still tweaking my business.

End Quote

Maybe you haven’t built a big audience because you feel you’re not quiiite ready yet. You’re finalizing your offerings. You’re reworking your website. And you’re just about to launch that way better opt-in.

Better not bother with that social media stuff JUST YET, right? Gotta wait ‘til you’re 100% ready, RIGHT? (But somehow “100% ready” never does seem to arrive!)

Let’s get real - I KNOW that in an ideal situation, everything would be perfect before you started sending a bunch of people to your site. But in the real world, your business needs sales!

If you’ve forgotten, social media marketing is a FREE way to bring in clients and customers. You probably can’t afford a big fat advertising campaign while you’re still getting everything sorted. But you can’t just not do any marketing during this period - and that’s why strategic social media is just too good to pass up.

Start QuoteI have no idea what to say

End Quote

One of the hardest things about social media is having to write so many status updates every single day. Should you be funny? Salesy? Personal? Which updates will actually help your business?

To be more effective on social, you need specific guidelines of exactly which types of status updates to write, and how often to write them. (Hint: keep reading this page if that sounds useful!)

These roadblocks hold back even the most successful entrepreneurs from unlocking a steady flow of growth from social. Any of these sound familiar?

Start Quote Who could possibly have time
for all of this??

End Quote

Yes, it’s the dreaded time factor! Sooo many smart people are wasting hours a day posting, chatting and liking with little (OK, nothing) to show for it. By contrast, those who are succeeding on social media usually spend surprisingly little time on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. (By “succeeding on social,” I mean more traffic to your site, more sales, and better relationships with prospects.)

So what’s their secret? Automation. But not the kind of automation where a robot is taking over the voice of your company - that definitely doesn’t work. Instead, there’s actually a way to automate the bulk of your social media work while still communicating only in your true voice and maintaining live, genuine connections with your audience. (Sounds good, right?)

Start Quote Facebook hardly shows my
updates anymore, I don’t want to waste more time

End Quote

There’s no doubt that social media reaches are down on Facebook. The truth is we’ve been in a “golden age” of enjoying sky-high visibility from social. (This is a big reason why it’s important to jump in now, so you can continue to take advantage of high visibility while you can!)

But instead of getting frustrating with social and dropping it entirely, this just means you need to get even smarter with how you spend your time on social media.

Social media is just a channel for reaching people, and your results are going to vary wildly based on how you use that channel. I’m sure you’ve watched your share of television commercials, and you probably remember when advertisers started panicking when TV recording devices like Tivo became popular. The smartest companies didn’t just give up - instead, they used this as motivation to rise above the crowd and get even more clever in how they grabbed your attention.

There is a huge opportunity here, IF you recognize it and act fast. You can be one of the businesses getting smarter about social media instead of working harder.

Good news:

You are already waaaay ahead of the pack!

Just by being interested in stepping up your game, you’ve already placed yourself waaaay ahead of the pack! Now you just need to get honest about the current status of your own results. If you want a different result, you have to take a different action. Simple as that.

So it isn’t really a question of “advanced” - some people tell me they’re advanced because they already have 500 followers, and some people tell me they are newbies because they only have 5,000. (For the record, I would classify Social Brilliant as an advanced course.) Instead of trying to put a number value on your success, ask yourself if you’re willing to learn something new that could have a truly transformational impact on your business. If you are, keep reading!

Dotted Line
Laura at the White House

Meet Your Social Sensei
(That Would Be . . . Me)

I’m Laura Roeder. I’ve been featured in The LA Times, The Chicago Tribune, Fast Company, Inc, Forbes, and Mashable - among many more. I’ve been named a top 100 entrepreneur under 30 - twice! The first time I made a speech about entrepreneurship at the White House, and the second time I was honored at the United Nations. Definitely two big “pinch me” experiences!

But I certainly didn’t start out as some kind of business superstar. Like you, I’ve had to figure everything out along the way. When I started my business I was only 22 years old with no clients and no prospects. Honestly, I was clueless! I used to wait in the snowstorms of Chicago for the bus to come so that I could deliver another potential client a desperate pitch. I was hustling alright, but nothing was leveraged - landing a new client felt like a draining song-and-dance routine that usually dragged on for months!

Featured Logos

I have a massive social media following, a 7-figure per year business, and a team of 6 people.
I did my first million dollar launch on the back of social media and content marketing alone. (Which is exactly what you’re about to learn inside Social Brilliant.)

I’ve gotten to seven figures by using social media
as the driving marketing channel for my business.

I built my business on social media, and continue to do so. Please google me to see that I practice what I preach - to me there’s nothing worse than someone who promises to “unlock the secrets of social” that only has a few followers themselves! And I have never, ever gotten a single one of my followers by “gaming the system.”

As you know, there isn’t exactly a shortage of people talking about social media! At this point there are countless blog posts on the topic - including many of my own! You need to know that you’re taking advice from someone who knows their stuff.

Laura accepting an award

Social Brilliant IS the Solution I Wish I Had 5 Years Ago

OK enough suspense already - I know you’re ready to finally step up your game on social, and I know you’re with me on where not to look. So now . . . exactly what do you do to make those social dreams come true?

There’s no reason to keep guessing or going at it alone. Social Brilliant clearly answers your biggest and toughest social media questions, like:

How many times a day should I post on social media?
What exactly should I say on social media?
How many social networks do I need to be active on?
How do I wrote posts that actually get attention and shares?
How exactly do I get “engagement” on my social accounts?

Social Brilliant is the most effective social media marketing practice for entrepreneurs, packaged up in easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions.

Laura at the White House

You’ll learn my proven framework for growing a large, loyal social media following that hangs on your every word and (even better!) actually buys what you offer. PLUS, you’ll learn how to work smarter not harder and grow your following by spending significantly less time on social. (The included spreadsheets, templates and calendars are a huge help with that one.)

You’ll build a sustainable, thriving social media presence that generates leads for your business on autopilot. This is not about messing around on Facebook. This is social treated as it should be - as a valuable marketing channel for your small business.

How is Social Brilliant different?

Social Brilliant explains exactly what to do (and when to do it) in order to create consistent, valuable growth. With these rock solid, actionable steps, you can use social media to attract new leads to your business on a regular basis - WITHOUT relying on fads and tricks.

You do not need to spend more time on social to get results. In fact, entrepreneurs who put the Social Brilliant system in place are now spending much less time on social than they were before!

But how do I know if this will work for my industry?

One of the coolest things about marketing is also its biggest paradox: there are some underlying fundamentals that just work, in any industry, in any situation. AND the more you let your uniqueness shine, the more effective your marketing will be.

This is my philosophy in Social Brilliant - I teach you the fundamentals that have been proven to simply work, no matter who you are. AND I guide you on exactly what to do it to make it your own! I do not believe in robot social media. It’s called social for a reason! It only works if you’re making an authentic connection with your customers.

The Outcomes That
You Can Expect From Social Brilliant

People love Social Brilliant

Here is a realistic overview of some of the outcomes you can expect when you put the Social Brilliant framework into practice:

A social media following that continually grows
A larger email list
More traffic to your website
More sales for your business
A stronger relationship with your existing customer base
An increased “Know, Like & Trust” factor with your prospects
An unsolicited “street team” that spreads the word about your business for you, for free, via social media shares
A visible fanbase that loves what you do
Highly public social proof of your success that is very impressive to potential customers and partners
Google search results filled to the brim about you and your business
No more wasted time on social media

Inside The Social Brilliant Framework

White Arrow
People love Social Brilliant

Social Brilliant includes a step-by-step framework of ebooks, videos, samples, spreadsheets, templates, calendars, tool suggestions, behind-the-scenes walkthroughs, and other resources to make sure you everything you need to make this happen. Everything is available in audio, video, and written formats so that you can explore however you prefer.

(We also have a more limited experience available for those on a tighter budget, details on that below.)

To create these materials, I dissected exactly what we do here at Team LKR and put it all in easy, clear step-by-step instructions. I also made sure to get to the point as quickly as possible! The point of this course is not to overwhelm you with 70+ hours of video that no human could ever have time to watch. I keep each video at 20 minutes or less, so that you can be up and running today.

I’m also big on the “show don’t tell” philosophy of teaching. Instead of just listening to me explain something, I actually give you the resources to get it done for yourself. After all at the end of the day this is about doing, not just learning!

Here are the six core modules:

Brilliant Blog Posts

Most social media training overlooks blogs entirely, but blogging is actually the foundation of your social strategy! This module covers what to say, how often to say it, and how to keep it all organized. You’ll learn

  • How to easily find months and months of topics to blog about in about 20 minutes
  • How often you should publish new blog posts
  • How to keep the whole process organized
  • How your blog should be interacting with your social media accounts
  • Why you should never “link out” to content and what to do instead
  • How to engineer blog posts that generate sales
  • The three categories of profitable blog posts
  • How often to link to each post on social media
Viral Share-Worthy Strategic Blogging

Here’s where you’ll learn the specific elements you must include in every blog post to get your readers to have an itchy trigger finger on those “share” buttons. (Yup, your new social strategy will entice others to spread the word for you. Nice!)

  • How to write a headline that gets clicks and shares
  • How to integrate social media sharing into every blog post
  • How to leverage your existing social media accounts to drive way more traffic to your blog
  • The under-the-radar strategy for indirect promotion
  • How headlines are treated differently on social media
  • The ideal length for a blog post, and how to know when to quit writing
  • How to use emotions to drive more traffic to your blog
  • How to usual visuals effectively
  • The two elements of each blog post that you should be outsourcing
Brilliant Social Status Updates

Social media status updates come in many flavors, but there are only six core categories of successful updates. In this module, you’ll learn how to easily churn out batches of updates that convert for your business.

  • The characteristics that the most effective status updates share
  • The perfect tone to strike when writing
  • The two types of updates that always get the most shares, and why you shouldn’t send them too frequently
  • How to write curiosity-inducing status updates
Strategic Social Planning

This is really the “money” video inside Social Brilliant - here’s where I spell out how to generate mass batches of high-quality, effective status updates. (And put them all into a plan so that you have your social media accounts locked and loaded well in advance.) You might actually feel the need to send me flowers once you watch this module.

  • How to automate your social media without sounding like a robot or alienating your audience
  • How to understand which updates are working and which are not
  • How to make social media work around YOUR schedule, no matter how limited your time is
  • How many social accounts you need to make marketing on social worth your time
  • The six types of status updates - these are the only types of updates you need to post on social for major results
  • The ideal blend of different types of status updates
  • How often you can reuse the same content before it loses its effectiveness
Growing Your Reach

Make new friends and keep the old! In this video, you’ll learn how to get new followers, up your engagement, and ensure that others spread your content for you. Plus, you’ll see how you can get all this done fast. If you are spending more than 30 minutes a day doing this . . . very soon you won’t be.

  • The two L’s of getting more followers
  • How to reverse-engineer getting others to link to your content
  • The keys to avoiding getting lost in the social media void
  • How to drive followers from one social network to another
  • The most effective way to connect with new leads on social media
  • How to get others to grow your following for you
  • How to create the social media snowball effect
  • The types of movers and shakers that you actually want to avoid connecting with
  • Why friends are more valuable than followers, and how to get more of both
  • Why you don’t want to be too “cutting edge” on social media
The Social Brilliant Master Plan

This is where we bring it all home, baby- here’s how you take everything you learned in Social Brilliant and put it into a step-by-step strategic plan that you can automate, so that you’re shining on social every day of the week.

  • How to determine exactly how much time you need to spend on social media to see results
  • How to handle content creation if you’re not a natural writer
  • How to effectively repurpose content without pissing off your followers
  • Which social media updates you need to keep on top of, and which ones you can ignore
  • How to transfer your brand’s true voice to someone who isn’t you


Downloadable Fill-In-The-Blank Resources

PLUS, an archive of downloadable fill-in-the-blank resources - this is the COMPLETE set of tools you need to start putting the lessons you learn from Social Brilliant into practice TODAY. You’ll find:

The Brilliant Blog Topic Planner - Not sure what to write about in your company blog? We’ve got your inspiration right here. This interactive worksheet will get those creative juices flowing in NO time.

The Social Brilliant Spreadsheet - Making it up as you go along on social media just doesn’t work - but this bad boy does. This is the roadmap for your entire social strategy, so don’t leave home without it!

The Social Brilliant Editorial Calendar - Blogging isn’t an overwhelming task - it only seems that way when it gets out of hand. This editorial calendar stops stress dead in its tracks and makes blogging a no-sweat sort of task.

The Brilliant Blog Post Breakdown - Want to make sure each and every blog post reaches its full potential? This plug-and-play worksheet ensures that every post is ready to rock before you hit that “publish” button.


Over-my-shoulder backstage tours

Social Brilliant ALSO includes two exclusive backstage tours hosted by me, so you can see exactly how I use this framework to market my OWN business! You’ll get:

My Blogging Content Calendar - Want to see how I use the Social Brilliant methodology to grow and maintain my site’s blog? After this backstage tour, you’ll know exactly how it’s done!

My Master Social Media Spreadsheet - The key to getting results is getting ORGANIZED. One look at my master social media spreadsheet, and you’ll never enter an update directly into Twitter again!


And When You Buy Now . . . These Two Bonus Courses

Remember when I said that this is an advanced course? These bonus videos are the key to STOP wasting time on social and start making everything you do really count!

Do What Works, Ditch What Doesn’t - Sick of playing the guessing game when it comes to your marketing? This in-depth guided tour of Google Analytics shows you what data to look at, how to find it, and how it should influence your activity online.

Stop Spending All Day On Social Media! - Feel like you’re spending forever on social media with nothing to show for it? There’s a reason for that! I’ll walk you through everything you have to do to make that time really mean something.

Nervous? Don’t be!

I’ve been doing this long enough to know your concerns, so let me make this easy:

People love Social Brilliant
checkmark Social Brilliant Is Do-Able

I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity - AND in not wasting anyone’s time! This isn’t one of those courses that’s gonna keep you glued to your computer watching educational videos for hours on end.

Social Brilliant is broken up into bite-sized, 20-minute videos. Watch it on your lunch break. Watch it on the bus. Watch it in the bathroom - I’m not gonna judge! And if you prefer, every version of Social Brilliant comes with an ebook version of the program, so you can go at your own pace and take it wherever - no wifi required.

checkmark Social Brilliant is Up-To-Date

Social Brilliant is a top-to-bottom gameplan that isn’t going to become ineffective because of a few algorithm changes. That means you don’t have to worry about your marketing plan becoming outdated - and that’s some serious peace of mind!

People love Social Brilliant
People love Social Brilliant
checkmark Social Brilliant Saves Time

You know what it’s like when something is easier said than done. Somebody can TELL you to do pretty much anything, but that doesn’t mean actually DOING it is easy - or even practical! What good is a marketing strategy that you don’t have time to implement?

Social Brilliant is specifically designed to PREVENT burnout. Social media marketing shouldn’t be a pain in the tuckus, and it certainly shouldn’t be something you lose sleep over! That’s the philosophy behind this program, and when you follow the lessons I teach you, you’ll see for yourself - social media marketing can be way easier and take WAY less time than you ever thought possible!

Here’s the type of person who sees the biggest
results from this course:

dotted line
  • You’re actively looking to change the way you approach social media.
    In order to get a different output, there must be a different input. Don’t waste your time unless you’re really willing to take a hard look at how you spend your time on social, and try something new!
  • You already have a business.
    If you’re still in the research stage, wait until you’ve launched to purchase Social Brilliant. This was designed for businesses that are already up and running.
  • You’re already on social media.
    If you’ve never been on social media before, this course will be too advanced for you. That being said, it’s not important that you’ve been on social media a long time, and there’s no minimum amount of followers you need to make Social Brilliant work. (After all, this is all about taking you from mediocre to amazing results on social!) But if you’ve never even signed on to a single social network, this will be over your head. Spend a little time setting up an account and playing around, then come back here when you’re ready.
  • You can make back the cost of the course with increased sales.
    One of the big reasons that this is geared towards established businesses is so that you can see an easy, quick return on your investment in learning this framework. Your business should be in a place where bringing in an extra $500 to cover the cost is definitely achievable with the increased traffic and following you’ll soon have.
  • You have a solid product/service line up and now you just need more customers.
    Social Brilliant will help you make gains in your traffic, email list and customer engagement via social media marketing. It will not teach you how to put together an offering. So those who are able to have success right off the bat already have their product/service line established and just need to get in front of more people.

So what kind of money can I really expect
to make from social media?

You *can* track exactly how much money you make from social media, and in fact the “Do What Works, Ditch What Doesn’t” bonus training shows you step-by-step how to do exactly that. Social media is not a mystery.

Let me show you my own breakdown to start to give you an idea of what’s possible -

Here’s a recent snapshot of the visitors to my website, and a breakdown of where they came from.
This is from one month in 2014:

Google Analytics from LKR
People love Social Brilliant

As you can see, social is actually my top source with 35% of my traffic! If you follow the Social Brilliant framework, your traffic will increase as well.

To do the math on how much money you’ll make from social, all you need to do is multiply your current conversion rate by the increased social media traffic you can expect. Check out your own stats - if you currently get just 1,000 visitors a month from social, I think increasing that to 5,000 per month is VERY doable.

If you’re converting 1% of your visitors to a sale, you would get 10 sales from your current numbers, and 50 sales if you grew your social traffic to 5,000/mo. Pretty simple!

The best part is, using Social Brilliant you can expect that you will get people visiting your website that are potential buyers, interested in what you have to offer. Remember, everyone who follows you on social has already raised their hand to hear more about your business! So they are primed and ready when they visit your site.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The “But Will This Work For Me?” Guarantee

I understand that buying something for the first time can feel uncertain. That’s why you have a full 30 days to put the Social Brilliant framework in place and ensure that it’s bringing in results for your unique business. In fact, I challenge you to look at your own social accounts and see if you grew your reach over the past 30 days. If that doesn’t happen, just send us one email to get the full purchase amount right back on your credit card, no hassles.

Social Brilliant

Get Full Access To Everything The Minute You Join:

Get the
Complete Package
  • The Social Brilliant video course: In six step-by-step videos you’ll walk through every element of the complete Social Brilliant action plan. You’ll learn what to write on your blog, how to blend together your blog and all your social media accounts, what to say on social, how to get new followers, and how to effectively delegate and automate the whole shebang.
  • The Social Brilliant ebook: Get the entire top-to-bottom strategy in one easy to read place - complete with examples, screenshots and exercises.
  • Over-my-shoulder backstage tours: This is where I show you my rig! In these videos I take you inside my own blogging and social media content calendars so that you can see exactly how a pro puts the “easy button” on social media! If you’ve ever wished your social media felt more organized but weren’t sure where to start, pay special attention to these.
  • Downloadable Planning Tools: Most courses teach you the material but leave you hanging when it comes to the actual tools you need! You’ll have access to a full library of fill-in-the-blank planners, spreadsheets and calendars to get the job done.
  • Advanced Social Media Tracking Bonus Video Course: Think you can’t track the results of social media? You already have a free resource that shows you precise social media results, and I’ll show you how to use it. Stop wasting time on sites that don’t bring you high-converting traffic, and start getting smart about social.
  • Advanced Social Media Time Saving Bonus Video Course: What’s a realistic amount of time to spend on social media marketing? What’s necessary and what’s just wasting time? Watch this bonus video to learn my favorite clever tricks for cutting your social time in half. For real.
  • Specific App & Tool Recommendations: Believe me, my team has tested out every single social media tool out there! Don’t waste your time fiddling around with tools when you can learn exactly which ones are the simplest and most effective for automating your social media and managing your time.
  • Everything In Written Format: I know everyone isn’t a video watcher. (I’m not, actually!) So we’ve included not only full transcripts for each video, but also the entire course in ebook format with visuals, charts and examples.

BUY NOW $499 - $50

Starter Package
  • The Social Brilliant ebook: Get the entire top-to-bottom strategy in one easy to read place - complete with examples, screenshots and exercises.
  • Downloadable Planning Tools: Most courses teach you the material but leave you hanging when it comes to the actual tools you need! You’ll have access to a full library of fill-in-the-blank planners, spreadsheets and calendars to get the job done.
Not included in Start Package
  • The Social Brilliant video course: In six step-by-step videos you’ll walk through every element of the complete Social Brilliant action plan. You’ll learn what to write on your blog, how to blend together your blog and all your social media accounts, what to say on social, how to get new followers, and how to effectively delegate and automate the whole shebang.
  • Over-my-shoulder backstage tours: This is where I show you my rig! In these videos I take you inside my own blogging and social media content calendars so that you can see exactly how a pro puts the “easy button” on social media! If you’ve ever wished your social media felt more organized but weren’t sure where to start, pay special attention to these.
  • Advanced Social Media Tracking Bonus Video Course: Think you can’t track the results of social media? You already have a free resource that shows you precise social media results, and I’ll show you how to use it. Stop wasting time on sites that don’t bring you high-converting traffic, and start getting smart about social.
  • Advanced Social Media Time Saving Bonus Video Course: What’s a realistic amount of time to spend on social media marketing? What’s necessary and what’s just wasting time? Watch this bonus video to learn my favorite clever tricks for cutting your social time in half. For real.
  • Specific App & Tool Recommendations: Believe me, my team has tested out every single social media tool out there! Don’t waste your time fiddling around with tools when you can learn exactly which ones are the simplest and most effective for automating your social media and managing your time.
  • Everything In Written Format: I know everyone isn’t a video watcher. (I’m not, actually!) So we’ve included not only full transcripts for each video, but also the entire course in ebook format with visuals, charts and examples.


If you have any questions or would like an honest opinion on if this would be a good fit for you,
just shoot us an email. We’re here for you!

People love Social Brilliant

Today could be a big day for you. You have an opportunity to do something radically different, to make a new choice in how you’re showing up online.

You’ve admitted that what you’re currently doing isn’t working, and that alone is a huge step. The next one is to try something new.

You can put this off until later - tell yourself that social isn’t your focus right now, or that in the future you’ll have more time to spend on “extra” stuff like this.

But what will you do in the meantime? Still waste hours and hours every week struggling to write status updates that get you no growth, no likes, no traffic, no sales, no results?

Do not let yourself fall into that trap! Don’t let yourself come across exactly what you need, then come up with some excuse as to why you can’t have it.

You can have this. You can start seeing incredible results from the time you’re already spending on social. It can become the cornerstone of a 7-figure business for you, just the way that it has for me.

You can have a resource from someone you can trust. Google me and see what you find. I’ve been doing this for five years and I have thousands of happy customers that prove that I walk my talk. There are not many people out there like me who have built a list of 85,000 people and a 7-figure per year business off social media marketing.

I’m here to help you, to show you the path - but I can’t force you to accept my help. It has to be your choice and yours alone. So if you’re ready to take the next step, today’s the day. Right now is the time.

Join me inside Social Brilliant today.

What Others Are Saying!

Testimonial Image

Ross L.

» Website

I knew all of the nuts and bolts of social media, but needed to get inside the mind of someone who had a strategy and proven methods. I wanted to look over someone's shoulder to see their successful strategy.

I loved that the program was all strategy. I loved that the program was all strategy. And it didn't hawk how many "hours of video" were included like some other courses as I don't have tons of spare time. The course was short enough for me to see my way to the end, watching some of the videos with 2 passes to digest them better. For the price, I didn't really care if the course was 10 minutes long, as long as it gave me the strategies that were originally missing from my business.

I have been using the spreadsheets from the course, and my quota to get started is one post a day on social media. I have been doing this for about 16 days. I have also set up an editorial calendar using that spreadsheet, posting every other Wednesday to my blog. I have done 2 posts since starting, and have maintained this schedule. Both my social media followers and email subscriber list have grown since consistent posting. I plan to get these habits ingrained and keep this schedule going for the forseeable future. I feel like I'm finally in control of my growth!

Testimonial Image

Michael O.

» via Twitter

@lkr First time customer. Had a lot of fun with Social Brilliant. Simple strategies that can be used immediately. Thanks for the Q&A too.

Testimonial Image

Rikke H.

» via Twitter

@lkr Already half way through the #SocialBrilliant bonus videos and got my money's worth already! Big thank you from Brixton ;)

Testimonial Image

Kelly P.

» via Facebook

I spent last night using your tools to upload updates and to really take a look back over the year...turns out I have quite a bit that can line up for another go 'round. My brain is buzzing today with the possibilities!

Testimonial Image

Jessica V.
» Website

I felt hesitant about joining Social Brilliant, since I suffer from "Bright Shiny Object Syndrome". The content was so appealing, and the price tag was affordable so I promised myself I would implement immediately. I must confess I have only did 40% of the strategies Laura gave us. The sessions were short and full of content, specially practical ways and easy strategies to include in the mix. In just 6 weeks I have my very first 150 people in my list (I had zero before Social Brilliant). In just 6 weeks I have my very first 150 people in my list (I had zero before Social Brilliant). I got invited as a guest blogger in a lifestyle site; one of my blog posts reached +1,700 readers. Most important, I closed a private VIP coaching client, as a result of the strategies I learned with Laura -- that covered my investment in Social Brilliant!! I am eager to implement the rest of the strategies.

Get Social Brilliant Today

The Complete Package for $499 - $50


Is this for beginners or for people who have been using social media for a while?

Social Brilliant was created for people who see that their time spent on social isn’t matching up with their results. You’ll get the most out of this framework if you’re already active on social and comfortable with the basics like making and replying to posts, but you could use some help getting to the large audiences that you see on your competitor's social accounts.

Will Social Brilliant make me money from social media?

I want to be clear that Social Brilliant lays out exactly how to market your business on social media. So if you don’t already have a business, this course won’t help you make money. Social Brilliant shows you how to drive traffic, leads, and sales from social to the business you already have.

Is there a payment plan?

Not at this time, and here’s why: if the increase in revenue you’ll see doesn’t cover your investment (for example, if you don’t yet have your offerings up and running) this probably isn’t the right choice for you.

Do I get access to everything at once?

Yes! No “drip” content here, leaving you waiting around for the good stuff. You get full and complete access to everything the minute you join.

Will this work my Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone?

Wow you have a lot of devices! Yup, the access site will work on everything.

Can I share this with my team?

No - your purchase gives you access for one person only. Grab two copies if you want both yourself and your assistant to go through the program. (Or feel free to grab a copy for just your assistant.) Shoot us an email if you’d like to make a larger bulk buy, and we’d be happy to give you a discount.

I’ve already done Social Media Marketer, is this different?

A lot of people go through some of our Social Media Marketer classes and still don’t feel like they have a solid, underlying plan in place. They learn advanced strategies for sales, press, or list building, but not that big-picture strategy. That’s why I created Social Brilliant!

Why are you guys qualified to teach this stuff?

We’ve been teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses with social media since 2009. You can learn more about our company right here. And scroll up to see some real reviews from people who have already been through Social Brilliant!

Will you help me one-on-one?

Our team is on hand to answer any questions you have via email. It’s not possible for the course instructor (that would be me, Laura Roeder) to spend time with participants one-on-one, and honestly you won’t need it. Social Brilliant is very thorough. But please do reach out to us for any questions or if you aren’t sure what step to take next.

How do I know this will work for my industry?

Social Brilliant is industry agnostic - if your small business wants to see results from social media, you will hugely benefit from Social Brilliant.

What if I don’t have time to go through this course, how can I get faster results?

You’re always going to have to put in some time to learn a new skill, whether it’s social media or snowboarding! But I understand that you don’t have any time to waste going through extraneous materials. That’s why I use the “minimum effective dose” methodology for teaching - I don’t waste your time with anything that won’t get you results. Plus, everything is broken down to bite-sized, clearly labeled chunks so that you can skip right to exactly what you need.

Also keep in mind that your access has no expiration date, so you can take a break then dive back in whenever you have an extra 20 minutes.

Does this work for a brick and mortar business with a minimal online presence?

Yes! I’ll show you how to increase that online presence. But if you aren’t interested in marketing online, this is definitely not the course for you.

How exactly will I be getting the materials?

You’ll log into a website that hosts all of the materials outlined above that make up Social Brilliant. Some are videos you’ll watch online and some are downloadable spreadsheets or worksheets. All videos include full transcripts.

I have more questions, how can I get them answered?

We are super happy to answer any questions you might have, or just give you an honest assessment of if this program sounds like the right fit for your situation. Just email us at inquiries@roederstudios.com and we’ll get back to you lickety split.

Why is this an online course instead of a “real” seminar?

The online environment is much more flexible and easy to get through for a busy entrepreneur. Instead of driving out to a badly lit conference room by the airport you can go through everything on your own time, as many times as you like. Plus, we offer a variety of audio, video, and written formats so you can learn in the way that’s most effective for you.

Can’t I just get this for free reading blogs?

You can certainly give it a shot! This course won’t help you if you’re already seeing stellar results from social media and don’t want to change a thing. But if you’re active on social but still don’t have a large following, or sales coming in from your social channels, then clearly blog posts haven’t done the trick.

I’ve already done Creating Fame, is this different?

Yup, this is all brand new, unique material!

What if I HATE IT?

If you’ve made it this far, I can’t really see how you would hate the course, but hey, you never know! If you go through all the materials and you think they just totally suck, we would be happy to refund your money in full up to 30 days after your purchase.

Get Social Brilliant Today

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