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Social Media Marketer is an online classroom & community that walks you through exactly how to get results from all the social media sites step by step.

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Let’s get real – you’re not here because you would just loooove to spend all day learning about social media.

(You don’t have to pretend, it’s cool, we get it.)

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You’re looking for a way to consistently get more clients without spending all day on the phone cold calling or going to terrible local networking events.

Because no matter what you sell, we’re all in the same boat: without clients, we have no business.

So your inkling that there could be something to this whole “social media” thing is correct – in fact the stats show that your prospects are on Facebook at this very moment!

They’re probably on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube too. They’re on social media, but where are you? Are you showing up when they’re looking? Or are you letting a big ol’ source of cash money pass you right by?

Looking for a reliable source?

That’s where we come in.

Laura Roeder, Leading Social Media Expert

Who is this “we”, you ask? Founded by leading social media expert Laura Roeder, LKR Social Media Marketer has earned its chops as one of the most reliable, easy to use sources for small business social media training on the web. (That’s why we’ve been featured in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Bloomberg News and the LA Times.)

Laura has filled the room at industry conferences like BlogWorld, South By Southwest Interactive, and BlogHer, and in the past three years 4,207 small business owners (and more every day) have happily paid top dollar to learn her social media strategies. Simply put – you could say we know our stuff.

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Let’s Get To The Point – Here’s Exactly What’s Inside Social Media Marketer!

The Complete Social Media
Courses Included in Social Media Marketer

LKR Social Media Box
  • Intro to Social Media Marketing
  • Your Profitable Website
  • Blogging for Business
  • Zero to Facebook
  • Social Media Automation
  • Backstage Pass to Twitter
  • Advanced Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Zero to YouTube
  • Social Media List Building
  • Zero to Pinterest Marketing
  • Advanced Social Media Metrics & Data
  • Social Media Monitoring and Response
  • Zero to LinkedIn
  • Advanced Social Media Selling
  • Zero to Google Plus
  • Advanced Business Systems
  • Advanced Email Marketing

Star Star And, as if that wasn’t awesome enough,
you’re also getting:


Bi-Weekly Subscription to Social Media Marketer Digest



Expert Guidance



Weekly Subscription to Founder Fridays

Everything you need to get results...

  • Checklists
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Audio
  • Transcripts
  • Video Courses
  • and More!

This is sounding good, huh? It gets better! Social Media Marketer was MADE for you if . . .

. . . You Just Don’t Have Enough Time For Social Media

Every single tool and resource we offer assumes that you need to make this work in as little time as possible. We’re a small business too – we get it! We do NOT think you need to update Facebook 15 times a day, all of our advice is realistic and doable for your schedule.

. . . You Have a Unique Business That Needs Personalized Advice

At Social Media Marketer we believe that every business is unique and we know that you have questions about how this all applies to you. That’s why we offer expert advice and answers at your beck and call via our community. We’ve got your back.

. . . You Own More Than One Business

Looking to streamline your social media accounts for multiple businesses? This can be one of the most challenging aspects of social media and we’ve got answers!

. . . You’re In A Transition Period

Waiting to get all your ducks in a row before you get started on social media? Then you’ve probably found yourself a bit stuck – you aren’t generating any sales because you haven’t put yourself out there yet, but you can’t move forward with your new plan without any sales. Social media is the perfect tool for a business in transition because it’s instantly changeable – so hop on board, even if your ducks are still a little out of order.

. . . You’re On a Tight Budget

Are you on a small budget (or no budget at all?) Then there’s no better marketing channel for you than social media. It’s easy to forget how AMAZING it is that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (and many others) are 100% free! Social media is really the only way to get your marketing messages out in front of your audience with no cost. Incredible stuff. We created Social Media Marketer because we saw a huge problem for small businesses – books and courses are often outdated and don’t provide any support, and private consultants want to charge you hundreds of dollars an hour! > We’re the perfect compromise – thousands cheaper than fancy agencies and consultants, with all the perks of having a team of trained experts at your beck and call. Nice!

Stay for 3 Months or 3 Years

Training On Your Timeline –Stay For 3 Months or 3 Years

When you enroll in Social Media Marketer, there are no contracts or commitments. Need a crash course on just one social media site? Join us for a month. Or stay long-term if you’re focused on continuously improving your social media strategy.

What others are saying...

Katherine Hynes

Katherine Hynes

“What I love are the action breaks”

LKR Social Media Marketer gives you EVERYTHING you need to know about social media for your business. There is no fluff or fat – just valuable information. What I love are the action breaks. You stop, and take action to implement what you’ve learnt into your business. I love how this makes me accountable for my time.

Sarah Kent

Sarah Kent

“The checklists have helped me move into to action really quickly”

I found the checklists have helped me move into to action really quickly. While learning new stuff is always exciting, its easy to put the doing off when it gets overwhelming .I found going through the checklists to get the basics in place a great way to get clear and focused around both what to do and what to say!

Leah Macvie

Leah Macvie

“I am loving the openness of the Social Media Marketer community”

As an interested entrepreneur, I am loving the openness of the Social Media Marketer community to share: ideas, strategies, and stories to help the rest of us make smarter decisions.

Mary Jean Padalino

Mary Jean Padalino

“I learned more in 3 little posts about what I should do with my website than I did in months with a private coach”

Social media marketer is INVALUABLE in my opinion! In addition to the ridiculously huge amount of info in the courses (courses that are both packed with info AND simplistic to understand and implement) the forums are invaluable.I had a bad year working with a coach that under delivered and being that I am just launching my business, I had so many questions. The community on the forums is amazing, both the experts and just members. This is a community full of savvy, creative, friendly entrepreneurs. I learned more in 3 little posts about what I should do with my website than I did in months with a private coach. I was already sold on LKR before social media marketer but now I can’t see myself ever working with anybody that is not part of or referred by the LKR team again.

Mary Meckley

Mary Meckley

“THE all-in-one, complete, go-to, get-it-done, one-stop shop”

LKR’s Social Media Marketer is THE all-in-one, complete, go-to, get-it-done, one-stop shopping place to pulling all those pieces of your business into one doable plan.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Above-And-Beyond 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Sure you can cancel anytime you like, but if Social Media Marketer doesn’t go above and beyond your expectations, we will refund your first month’s payment in full. That means there’s absolutely no risk to you – just explore the program for a month and if you’re not happy you’ll be out nothing. There’s absolutely no reason not to add this level of support and training to your business.

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