Zero to Pinterest Marketing

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About This Course

Pinterest is quickly rising to fame as the fastest-growing social network out there – with a twist. Because Pinterest is entirely visual, small businesses need to get creative and think beyond traditional marketing to find success with Pinterest. Inside this course you’ll learn the ins and outs of an effective business Pinterest account (even if you don’t have a product-based business), and how to leverage Pinterest for leads, traffic, and increasing your “know, like & trust” factor.

  • How to set up Pinterest as a “second shopping cart” for your business
  • The easy way to integrate Pinterest with your existing website to get visitors pinning
  • Powering up your Pinterest keywords to get your boards ranked on google
  • Your step-by-step checklist to go from account-less to Pinning
  • The 5 most “pin-friendly” types of images that any business can easily create
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  • You get a real sense of community .
    “Social Media Marketer is a great place to share and get tons of valuable information from fellow entrepreneurs and LKR’s team of experts – especially if you are a newbie like me!
    I got more positive, actionable feedback in a few short days on the forum than I have in the last few months from my own site. You can actually get some work done here – no rants or “spammy” sales pitches.
    Plus – it’s nice to know that there are other small businesses out there, who are in the same boat, with whom I can share my experiences with – you a get real sense of community there!” - Sylvia Adams

  • Social media marketer is INVALUABLE in my opinion!
    “In addition to the ridiculously huge amount of info in the courses (courses that are both packed with info AND simplistic to understand and implement) the forums are invaluable.
    I had a bad year working with a coach that under delivered and being that I am just launching my business, I had so many questions. The community on the forums is amazing, both the experts and just members. This is a community full of savvy, creative, friendly entrepreneurs.
    I learned more in 3 little posts about what I should do with my website than I did in months with a private coach. I was already sold on LKR before social media marketer but now I can’t see myself ever working with anybody that is not part of or referred by the LKR team again.” - Mary