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Your ONLY Two Choices

Hi Laura Roeder here. So when you need something done in your business, you have two options and only two options. One is to pay someone else to do it and two is to do it yourself which involves learning how to do it yourself if you don’t already know, that’s it. Those are the… [Read More]

Why I Ate Lunch at Ten In The Morning

Laura Roeder here. I want us today to talk about something that I became aware of this morning and I have been trying to make myself more aware of all the time which is silly arbitrary rules that we create for ourselves for no reason that can really hold us back from being successful and… [Read More]

Attention Wilco Fans: Win A Signed Drum Head! Attention Dolly Fans: Win A Signed Guitar!

Dolly Parton autographed guitar to be awarded to donor by Girls Rock Camp Austin Dolly Parton signed a guitar for Girls Rock Camp Austin, a nonprofit organization in Austin, Texas.  The organization is currently embroiled in a celebrity challenge called the “Social Media Smackdown for Charity.”  Brea Grant, best know for her roles on Friday… [Read More]

Should I Tweet About Every New Blog Post?

Hi! This is Laura Roeder. I’m here in Austin, Texas where I’ve been to the South by South West, Interactive Conference, where I had a panel on Monday and of course when people hear what they do, they often ask me questions. And the questions I have been getting a lot is; “Should I post… [Read More]

Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow), I Want to Teach You About Twitter!

If you want to help me teach Ellen (and the world) about Twitter, please tweet this message: (make sure to start with @theellenshow so she sees it!) @theellenshow have the tweacher @lkr on your show to school you on twitter! P.S. Here’s the LA Times article I reference in the video Transcript: [0:00:00] Ellen… [Read More]

The One Thing You Must Do Online Before You Meet People Offline

P.S. I’m presenting a panel at SxSW Interactive Called “Are Women Taken More Seriously on the Web?” It’s happening at 11:30 AM on Monday, March 16th. Transcript: Hey! Laura Roeder here and as I’m gearing up for South By South West, I just wanted to give you a little bit of advice about how you… [Read More]