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Here’s Your Social Media Permission Slip

Hey it’s Laura Roeder; here is what I want to tell you today. So I was just talking to a client on the phone and she told me I don’t know what to do because I use Facebook, but I really want to use Facebook for personal use to keep up with friends and things… [Read More]

My Numerology Reading from Melani Ward

Video no longer available Melani Ward is doing a very cool series on her blog where she reads interprets the charts of entrepreneurs, and I told her I was dying to know what she discovered about me! I have actually worked with Melani before to receive her brilliant insights on marketing/business/sales but I hadn’t had… [Read More]

The RIGHT Way To Use Facebook Invitations for Online Events

What do you think? Have you had success in promoting online events with facebook? For more in-depth info on using facebook to position and market your business, check out Creating Fame Transcript: Hey! This is Laura Roeder, and this is a quick video response to a reader question. “Should I send a Facebook event invitation… [Read More]

Announcing P.S. that is my south by southwest badge that you see a peek of in the background

The Utensil Method

Transcript: [0:00:00] Laura Roeder here. I have a technique I want to introduce to you today that no one else on the internet is teaching. I am the only one. Are you ready? When you do this, you are going to suck the money out of your customers. You are going to suck the money… [Read More]

The BIG Functionality Change in This Small Twitter Update

Transcript: Laura Roeder here with a quick update for you. So Twitter has recently change over here the, what used to be called the @replace tab and then change the functionality in a really important way. And I want to make sure that you understand. So this used to say @replies meaning only people who… [Read More]