The RIGHT Way To Use Facebook Invitations for Online Events

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What do you think? Have you had success in promoting online events with facebook?

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Hey! This is Laura Roeder, and this is a quick video response to a reader question. “Should I send a Facebook event invitation for my online event to everyone I know on Facebook?” Here is the answer, “No!” Now let me tell you why.

When you’re bothering people in general; there are two questions that you need to ask yourself. One is how invasive is this? And two is have they raised their hand to hear from me in some way?

So as for the first question; how invasive is this? Here is what I mean. When you invite someone to an event, most people will receive an email on their inbox with that event invitation, I know, I do. That is what most people have on their settings. Receiving an email is way more invasive than just seeing a message on the page if that makes sense, because it’s actively coming to my inbox.

As far as the second question, I can see you saying, ok but the person has agreed to be my friend on Facebook, but I’m friends with a lot of people that I have no interest in being a customer of their business. See what do I mean? They might be my friend. We might be able to collaborate in some way. I might be interested to create strategies with them as an entrepreneur. But if they sell horse’s that is something that I have no interest in, and will never have any interest in, then I don’t want to hear their sale pitches for buying a horse.

Maybe we’re going to talk about their marketing strategies for selling horses and trade ideas for that but I don’t really want to receive a junk from them about buying horses. So there is going to be a lot of people that you are friends with on Facebook that don’t have any interest in hearing from you from sales perspective. So as far as promoting online events on Facebook, one, I mean it’s definitely not something that is a must do; it is nice if you have a lot of people that say yes. I think that’s good for you. It shows people that are interested, other people are showing up, but I don’t think it’s something.

I would actually love to hear your opinion or your comments if you had a big success in promoting online events on Facebook. I haven’t seen it based on something that really makes or breaks online event for people. I do think they are very effective for offline events. I know that I have a lot of premium invitations and meet up and event planning and stuff, but I do via Facebook, I will check my Facebook calendar and see what kind of stuff I have signed up for, what’s coming up?

But as far as online events, you know teleseminars, webinars, and stuffs like that, not so much. It can be ok. But so if you want to invite your audience to your online event via Facebook, work through your form list and see who is interested. Maybe there are people that you know are on your email list for this topic or that you know that are always responsive to you about this topic.

If you want to invite those people, great; if there are some who are very targeted; if you are offering free content for florist and you have people that you know that are florists on your list it would make sense to invite them on Facebook event. But it would not make sense to invite me because I’m not a florist. And I have been on friending people lately that are sending me a ton of event invites that I have no interest in because its spam, that is what it is. So I say definitely think twice before you invite everyone to your online Facebook event, and as far as just blanketing the invitation such as everyone at your friends on Facebook, no. Don’t do it.

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Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. Great points, as usual, Laura. Now how can we get the word out to the people who are sending invites indiscriminately???

    And on a related note, what about clarifying that signing up to receive someone’s ezine doesn’t mean you should sign them up to receive yours. Any suggestions how to address that?

  2. Carrie Sommer says:

    I agree with this 100%. I do not/will not send out invitations of any kind to my friends from my main profile page. HOWEVER! I do have a business page set up on Facebook and I will use THAT to send out updates and invitations to events (mostly offline), because those are people who have signed up to receive those updates. I publicize my business page on my main profile page, my blog and in each email newsletter I send out for my business.

  3. About 1 year ago I had great success w/ Facebook invite for an online event, but I think that was because it was really early & people were still romantic and excited about Facebook Events.

    Not true anymore. Did just about the same promo last month and it totally flopped on Facebook (but succeeded elsewhere). I did not invite everyone, but did try to invite a bunch of people who I really thought were in my target audience. Pretty much the only people who said “yes” were either my IRL biz friends or people who were already going (found out on my list or via twitter). :) So I don’t plan to use it again, at least not to promote a teleclass.

    ~ @ElizabethPW

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  4. I’ve seen some big successes with facebook invites, but these are all campus events. I don’t mind seeing invites from people even if they don’t pertain to me, if they are people I know. Since I only use facebook for people I know in real life, or people I don’t know in real life but have regular online interactions with, this hasn’t been an issue. However, when I invite people, I do not invite people that likely won’t care.

    Lastly, Laura does’t want a pony? I don’t know you anymore.

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  5. Brilliant, thanks, I will bookmark you soon.