Small Business Systems – Think Beyond Just One Action

I’ve been at an Eben Pagan seminar the past few days, here’s a quick video about what I learned about putting systems into your business.



Hey Laura Roeder here. I am at Eben Pagan seminar here in LA. A lot of you have asked me who learn from. Eben Pagan is someone who I have learnt a lot from and has taught me a lot that I know about marketing and I wanted to share just a little bit of what we’ve been learning with you. We’ve been learning about systems and systematizing your thinking. So I am really over generalizing here but I just wanted to share a little nugget which is when you come across some sort of problems or issue in your business, instead of thinking about one action to tackle it, instead see if you can zoom out a little bit and think about a system that you can set up, a process you can set out that would solve this problem on a larger scale instead of solving it once and having it come up over and over again.

A lot of you would ask me how can I increase my traffic to my website or how can I get more subscribers to my newsletter or more people on my forum or whatever. Start to think of some activities that have worked for you in making that happen. Maybe one thing that you did that got you more traffic and more subscribers and then how can you make that a regular part or your business. If maybe you did a poll with someone and that got you a lot of traffic or a lot of subscriber, put on your calendar and create a system for yourself that you are going to start up every week, every month, whatever. If you have no idea what to do try something out, see how it works. If you say I don’t know how to get more subscribers, well I just gave you one idea, try that see if it works for you, set up a system, if you are looking at it seeing the results it is not working, try something else. It is all you have to do. So again this is Laura Roeder. That is a little bit that I learnt from Eben Pagan about systematizing your business.

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Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. Very nice video Laura, I have added your blog to my list of 100 blogs using commentluv for my daily commenting coffee time!
    good work!

  2. wow, you’re really hot.
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  3. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for this post. Systems are something that I’ve always taught, but sometimes it’s an amazing reminder of leverage. Running and marketing a small business is nearly impossible without them!

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