How to Start a Discussion on a LinkedIn Group



Hi, this is Laura Roeder, and today, I’m going to show you how to start a discussion on a LinkedIn group. So, I’m signed in to LinkedIn on the home page right now. The first step is to click “Groups” over here on the left-hand side, and then I’m going to choose which group I want to start a discussion in. Today, I’m going to choose speakers and panelists. And there’s this handy-dandy “Start a Discussion” tab right here on the top.

So it shows this group, because there’s actually something that I really want to know. As I’m going to be doing a lot of selling from the stage here coming up, I want to know, “What is your best tip for selling from the stage? Thanks!” So type in your question. You can put in additional details. It’s not a job post. Sure, I want to be notified by email when new people post on this. I don’t have to keep logging in to LinkedIn. And then I just click “Submit for Discussion”. I’m done. That’s how you start it.

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