Introducing Alexis Martin Neely

At a dinner with other powerhouse women! I’m in the back left, Alexis is sitting next to me

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine – Alexis Martin Neely.
Alexis was actually one of the first new friends I made when I moved to LA. We met (of course!) through social media and instantly hit it off the first time we met in person.

Well let me tell you a little “perk” of being friends with Alexis – entrepreneurship is her PASSION so whenever I see her of course we end up talking about our businesses. Actually the last time I saw her we were laying in the grass watching her kiddos play while we talked shop – that is my kind of networking! Anyway, every time we talk she expands my mind with a new idea on how my business could grow. She’s truly a visionary who has already built multiple million dollar business.

Anyway, when she invited me to talk to Alexis and Dave Dee’s exclusive private mastermind group this past July I jumped at the chance – I had always wanted to know what went on inside these meetings and I hung around all day after my presentation so that I could be a fly on the wall.

As you might know, I attend a LOT of business training both online and in-person and this one blew me away. Quite simply, Alexis and Dave know what works. I was really impressed by how they’ve been able to extend their formula to an incredibly diverse range of businesses.

So I wanted to get you in on a free call they’re hosting this Thursday, September 10th. You can click here to save your spot now.
Here’s the info about it that Alexis sent me on what will be covered:

  • How to be the eXpert – Discover how to really hone your message and talk about yourself in a way that leaves no doubt YOU are the expert in your community and the go to guy or gal.
  • What it takes to magnetically attract your IDEAL clients who pay, stay and refer.(You will never have to “chase” clients again – they will come to you.)
  • Why you need to design a WOW eXperience for everyone who comes into contact with your business. Dave & Alexis will show you how simple this can be, once you know how to do it, and what an impact it will make. (Do this and your referrals will go through the roof.)
  • The secret to raising your rates — how to charge as much as four times what the competition does and still turn away business: How do you do that? With the third and most powerful of the X Factors, which Dave & Alexis will reveal on the call.
  • How to quickly set yourself apart from everyone else and make yourself completely unstoppable and finally take your business to the next level.
  • Plus much more……

If you are ready to move out of the “invest everything back into your business” stage of your business and onto the stage where your business supports YOU, you need to be on this call.

Grab your spot now at

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  1. I am so impressed with the young women that are taking the internet by storm. Stepping out and making it happen! This is very powerful for women.