How To Add Photos to your Facebook Page


This is Emelie with Team LKR and today I’m going to show you exactly how to add photos to your Facebook fan page.

First, you need to start out by signing into Facebook and then going into your fan page. You’ll do that by selecting it from the drop down next to the Home button. Once you’ve clicked on your page, the first thing you’re going to do is to click on the Photos icon. This is an app that comes automatically installed on to your page with timeline.

Once I’ve clicked on photos, you’ll see the albums that we have set up. Something to know is that when you add photos to your fan page, they need to be part of an album. So if you want to add them to an album, first you’ll click on the album you’d like to add the photo to. If I was going to do this, I would select a photo to upload.

Now that I want to add photos, I am going to search on my hard drive for the photo I’d like to add. You’d click on the picture you want and press “Open” and you’ll see that the photo is uploading to your album. You can only add a photo from your computer’s hard drive. So if you found a picture on the Internet that you want to add, you need to save that to your hard drive first before you upload it. And of course, you need to make sure you have permission to do so.

Once the photo has uploaded, you can add a description. Go ahead and save these changes and click “Post Photos”. The photo then would have been added to the album.

It shows up on our timeline wall as a post as well as the thumbnail on your albums. This has been Emelie for Team LKR showing you how to add a photo to your Facebook fan page.

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  1. Linda Eaves says:

    Great lesson Laura! I also like how clicking on the publish button adds the new info to your fan page wall. I wasn’t sure if it would post to both my fan Page and my personal profile or what. Thank you again for the tips!

  2. Thanks for your’s very useful for our spacify fan page..

  3. Ian Jones says:

    Thanks laura … glad you were out there to solve the problem .. not a big one but i’m new to facebook and so this was very helpful to me … again appreciate your efforts

  4. Andrew A. Salkner says:

    Has anyone here tried FaceWizard? It’s supposed to harvest facebook user id’s from existing fan pages and then recruit them to your own fan pages. Anyone tried this?

  5. Thanks Laura

    I will try that.

    It was not a perfect tutorial, but it should help.

    I do find Facebook is not very user friendly.
    Everything seems so hard to do.

  6. Hmm doesn’t seem to work…

  7. Great tutorial, Laura. It’s simple and easy to follow. I think not everyone realizes how important pictures are when delivering a message, just looking at people using Facebook, they spend like 75% of the time checking pictures out so having our own to share will surely help with people’s interests.