How To Use Your Own Domain on a Free Blog (Domain Forwarding)



Hi, this is Laura Roeder of, showing you how to forward or redirect a domain name. Now, what’s great about forwarding domain names is that you can pay for just the domain name instead of hosting and have your own custom domain for blogs like Blogspot blogs or blogs. If you don’t want to make the investment for hosting for all your sites, you can still have that professional appearance by redirecting a domain name.

So this is going to work a little differently in all the different domain registrars, but you want to sign in to the website that you bought your domain from. This could be a hosting website or it could just be a domain registrar. The one I use is Dynadot. Now, in Dynadot, this info is under “Name Server Settings”. Here’s might be called something a little different. You’re looking for something called a redirect or a forward. So in this host, it’s under “Name Server Settings” and we’re going to go down to where it says “Dynadot Forwarding”.

Now, forwarding means that when someone types in whatever domain you bought, they’re going to be automatically directed to whatever website you put in here. So you just put the URL of the website you want to forward to. So if you have maybe a blog, it would be, you know, or, and you want to use a 301 Redirect. And then in this instance, you just hit “Forward Domain”.

So, again, you’re looking for, it could be name server settings, it could be domain forwarding, domain redirect. All you do is type in the website you want to forward it to, choose 301 …

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  1. Hey Laura,

    Heads Up! The video seems to end with you in mid-sentence! Is there more you wanted to say but failed to record?


  2. Hope you consider adding a transcript for your videos. Unfortunately, there are not more than 24 hours in a day; I simply can’t watch all the videos posted online. Give users an option to read/review a transcript.