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What Waiting In The Wrong Line at CVS Taught Me About Online Customer Service

Transcript: [0:00:00] Hey, Laura Roeder here, and I want to share with you an experience I recently had at CVS that taught me a great lesson about customer service that’s often overlooked. So, you know, the actual details are pretty boring. Basically, I was picking up for prescription at CVS. I thought that I waited… [Read More]

Find a Ning Network

Ning is a super cool free tool that allows anyone to create their own social network. That means you can create a private or public facebook-like site with user profiles, blogs, forums and more. If you’re thinking about creating your own site – stop right there buddy!  Why start your own site when you can… [Read More]

How To Find Facebook Groups

Facebook groups (which are different from pages or profiles) are a great way to find like-minded folks in the messy maze of Facebook. You can find a group that shares your profession, a group with a common interest, or connect with a group of potential clients. To find Facebook groups, put your search term in… [Read More]

How To Retweet (The Original Way and Using The Retweet Button)

There are two ways to send a retweet on twitter – one that allows you to add a comment to your retweet and one that doesn’t. If you want to know how to add a comment to your twitter retweet (the “old way” to retweet), watch this video: Transcript: Hey! It’s Emelie with LKR and… [Read More]

The True Story of How My Worst Fear Came True

Mentioned in this video: Christine Kane (Go to her site NOW!) Transcript: [0:00:00] Hey, I’m Laura Roeder, and today, I want to tell you a story. It’s actually kind of a sad story about facing your worst fears in your business and how it can turn out to be a good thing, or how it… [Read More]