How To Find Facebook Groups

Facebook groups (which are different from pages or profiles) are a great way to find like-minded folks in the messy maze of Facebook. You can find a group that shares your profession, a group with a common interest, or connect with a group of potential clients.

To find Facebook groups, put your search term in the general search box in the top of Facebook, then click the “See more results for . . .” text at the bottom of the handful of search results Facebook generates automatically. Next, filter down the results by clicking on  “Groups” at the top of the search results. Click on the name of the groups that interest you to get more information.

Once you find a group you’d like to join click the “Join Group” button on the right side of the page below the cover photo.

Your assignment is to join 3 groups. But you can’t just leave it at that! After you’ve joined the group you need to interact in some way by starting a new conversation in the discussion forum, posting on the wall, or adding your two cents to an existing discussion.

This contribution should not be an advertisement for your business, the goal here is to discover new contacts and build relationships. So while it’s fine to reference your business, a straight-up pitch or advertisement is generally not welcomed. Instead, ease in by making relationships and then letting everyone know about your business when a good match comes up. (For example, when someone asks a question that your business provides a solution to.)

Who knows who you’ll meet!

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  1. Thanks Laura

    I never knew it was as easy as this finding targeted FB groups or pages. Your post is simple and straight.


  2. This is so important, since Facebook has over 800 million users it’s ideal to get into groups that are relevant to ours and get as many people interested in us as possible. I normally just type in keywords that are popular to check some groups relevant to what I’m doing, that usually works out well for me.

    Good article!