Archives for February 2010

Be A Monkey: How & Why To Survey Your Customers

We all know that we SHOULD survey our current or potential customers – after all it’s a goldmine of information that we can use to shape our products and services. I recently surveyed the members of Creating Fame Classroom and was actually quite surprised by the parts of the program that they valued the most… [Read More]

Before, During and After: How to Know What to Focus on When Running an Online Business

Thanks to @WendyMaynard for her question! Referenced in this video: Dean Jackson Transcript: Hey, this is Laura Roeder and today I’m going to answer a great question I got from Wendy Maynard on Twitter, about managing your time with an Internet business between all the different tasks that you have to do and how I… [Read More]

Marketing for Shy People: How Social Media Can Help

I’m Holly, a shy copywriter and marketing consultant, and today I’m here to tell you about why you should use social media. Now I’m not going to talk about all the great advertising benefits that it has, because quite frankly, Laura can do that a hell of a lot better than I can. But I… [Read More]

Being Useless, Switching to a New System, and Meet my Cat

This week I’m all over the internet – here’s the scoop! I’m the featured guest this week for Yaro Starak‘s video podcast series. In this video interview, I tell the story of how I first became and entrepeneur and how I transitioned from one business to another (while staying profitable). Also if you’ve never seen… [Read More]