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If people think you’re strange, they’re right

I coined an axiom recently. Not many people get to coin axioms, so I’m pretty happy about it. Coining an axiom isn’t as glamorous as coining a phrase, but it does tend to get more long-term sociological respect. I call my axiom “Johnny’s Rule,” and it’s this: If you’re the first person in your group… [Read More]

Save Time on Social Media: Update All Your Profiles at Once with

This video shows how to add your LinkedIn, Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, and Twitter accounts to HootSuite so that you can easily send (or even schedule) updates to all of your social networking profiles at once. Transcript: Hi, this is Laura Roeder of Today I’m going to show you how you can add additional… [Read More]

Free Webinar – How I Built a 6 Figure Business From Scratch in Less than One Year

OK folks, because YOU asked for it, I’m doing it again! Join me for a webinar sharing my full story of how I built a 6-figure business from scratch in 2009 using social media alone (with ZERO paid advertising.) I’m going to tell you the truth about what it really takes to get to six… [Read More]