Free Webinar – How I Built a 6 Figure Business From Scratch in Less than One Year

OK folks, because YOU asked for it, I’m doing it again! Join me for a webinar sharing my full story of how I built a 6-figure business from scratch in 2009 using social media alone (with ZERO paid advertising.)

I’m going to tell you the truth about what it really takes to get to six figures quickly – and share the mistakes that I made so that you won’t do the same! Go behind the scenes and see REAL conversion and traffic numbers, straight from my analytics account. I’m sharing more detail than I’ve EVER seen anyone else reveal about their business.

Laura gave her listeners an amazing, engaging pep talk filled with valuable information about Twitter, blogging, branding, relationships, how to change direction, how to be valuable, what to sell and how to sell it. I could’ve listened to her for hours…I walked away excited and energized, thinking “I can so do this!” just with what she shared so freely and openly, and my imagination was on overdrive brainstorming about several side-projects I’ve been mulling over. This isn’t your typical sales spiel, folks. Laura Roeder is the real deal. Check her out. If you have the kind of dreams she did, you have to hear her story for yourself.
– Michelle Quillin, for New England Multimedia

I’m also going to be closing out one of my most popular programs, and giving you a special deal on that. But I’m going to make you wait for the webinar to find out which one. ;)

If you heard all the buzz after the last time I shared this story or are like so many that emailed saying they missed it, this is for YOU!

This webinar is now over. Sign in below to get on the list for next time. You’ll also receive my free social media weekly action plan, The Dash.

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About Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. I can not miss this…
    I do not know why… but you are the only true person out of two i really follow on twitter. ^^

  2. Hope you have a replay. Will be on a plane when you are doing this.

  3. Impossible for me this friday.

    For people like Samuel and I, what can we do ? Is there a way to listen to it “later” ?

    Thanks Laura

  4. Too late for me to change my plans as well but I would love to hear a replay if available!



  5. Laura…

    I’ll be attending Friday’s webby.

    Look forward to it.


  6. Laura, I am very interested in a reply also. I have a business commitment at that time.

  7. Hey everyone! Yes, there will be a recording emailed out to everyone who signs up. So make sure to sign up even if you can’t be there live. :)

  8. Looking forward to this Laura- thanks!

  9. I will hopefully be attending it Laura. I’m really looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

  10. Will be there!

  11. Hey Laura! So glad you are going to offer the replay, thank you!
    Take care,

  12. Laura,

    You rock! I will be there for sure! See you tomorrow.

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop with your emails.


  13. Thanks Laura,
    Just wondering though. Why is it that I have to keep signing up with you every time. I signed up for your emails, I signed up for your DASH. To watch the webinar I have to sign up again. Do I not have my name and info in your (list) account already?

  14. don’t know why, but couldn’t join the live seminar – what a pity :( looking forward to the recording at least

    good night

  15. Jacqueline Rios says:

    Can’t wait to catch the replay!

  16. Good question Gregory – the reason is not everyone is interested in every webinar. When you sign up for a webinar I send out a bunch of messages with info about signup, reminders that it’s starting, then messages about the replay. I have you sign up for a separate list so that I don’t bug people about the webinar over and over again who aren’t interested.

  17. Laura,
    Great seminar, thanks for sharing some of your figures – the conversion stuff was worth knowing and it suppose your 25% shows what Glenn Livingston calls the hyper-responsive segment works here too.

    As a consulting / coaching business, you seem able to build and nurture relationships with quite a few people, perhaps several hundred to the point where they are willing to enrol in a ~$100 per month programme and perhaps even some extra personal sessions and perhaps generating $1000-1500 per annum from each client meaning that your six figure business needs 60-100 clients. You have found how to make a combination Twitter, Facebook and blogs work well for this – congratulations !
    I think my business is rather different – I sell bundles of audio travel guides (bundled by city/country) which people can download to theirMP3 player and listen to on their journey. I am aiming for a high volume, low price (?shallow relationship? model) although I am using membership to try to hang on to people. Freemium members pay full price and get the newsletter, annual members pay $10 pa and get 60% discount and Lifetime members get free travel guides for life for a one off payment of $50. This means I need 10, 000 members to spend an average of $10 and while Lifetime membership will hopefully generate some early cash flow, it will also mean no more money in the future (the price may go up!). I hope members will return each year when they go on vacation. So I think my business is different in two ways – firstly it is high volume and relatively low relationship oriented and secondly it is seasonal – I need to work on excuses to stay in touch between vacations so that members buy again without a whole new sales cycle !

    Do you have clients like this ? Can Twitter /Facebook and blogging do this for me ? Have you seen it work or am I barking up the wrong tree ? Would PR be a better use of my money ?


  18. Laura,

    I haven’t received anything yet in my email regarding the recording of the webcast from April 9th. Has an email gone out yet for those who had registered?

    Can you please email me the link to be able to get the webcast? I would sincerely appreciate it. :)


    Lori <3

  19. I also was wondering when you were sending out the recording of the webcast?????

  20. Ditto on the request for the webinar replay. Was out of town, but was well keen to catch your story Laura. Would be great to get a link to the replay ;)

  21. i dont think she makes that much, but never the less, i enjoy reading her blogs and she is cute thats for sure :)

  22. Janelle says:

    I was signed up for this seminar.. but never received a recording. I’ve been waiting for it…

  23. Hi Tommy – it’s no lie, you should have watched the webinar to see the stats!

    Janelle – this webinar took place about a month ago, so you won’t receive anything. Sorry about that, but please join me for my next one!