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How To Get People To Happily Build Your List

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are crucial to spreading your message, growing your network and building your reputation online – but for a lot of people, turning that into cashflow is a challenge. While promoting your expertise and personality is part of the “acceptable” social media ethic, asking for the sale can sometimes… [Read More]

How To Create Social Proof In 3 Simple Steps

3 Ways To Create Social Proof From Social Poop Ahh… Social proof. It’s all the rage these days. Actually, it’s always been the rage. We just didn’t use that term as much as we do now. Whether you’re sick of hearing those words or not, they’re kind of a big deal. I’m sure I probably… [Read More]

How and Why to Use Twitter Lists

What’s the deal with Twitter Lists? Their a bit wacky & confusing. That’s why to fully explain it I’ve pulled a sample video on Twitter lists straight from my Backstage Pass to Twitter program. This is actually the first time we’ve released ANY content from this program to the public for free, so enjoy! To… [Read More]

Let Them See You Naked. (On Video.)

So, tell me, why aren’t you doing video? You have lots of excuses. The thousands of ideas. The seemingly complex technologies. The lighting and sound and finding a quiet place in your office. The camera choices and the software options and the editing time. The hassles of uploading and hosting. The morass of promotion. There’s… [Read More]

How to Remove The Post Dates from Your WordPress Blog

If you’ve ever wanted to create an “evergreen” WordPress blog by removing post dates, here’s how to do it. Transcript: Hi, this is Laura Roeder and today I’m going to show you how to remove the post dates from your WordPress blog so that your blog posts can stay more evergreen, so that someone doesn’t… [Read More]