Let Them See You Naked. (On Video.)

So, tell me, why aren’t you doing video?

You have lots of excuses.

The thousands of ideas. The seemingly complex technologies. The lighting and sound and finding a quiet place in your office. The camera choices and the software options and the editing time. The hassles of uploading and hosting. The morass of promotion.

There’s tons of excuses for not doing video.

But those are not the real reason.

You’re not doing videos because you’re afraid of everyone seeing you naked.

On video there’s nothing to hide behind. It’s your verbal stumbles and nervous laughter and futzing with the neckline of your shirt. It’s your face, your wrinkles, the miscombed part in your hair. Your crooked smile and teeth and glasses. Your weird mannerisms. Your messy office.

You’re not doing videos, because video is you.

But let me tell you my secret.

Letting everyone see you naked, in all of your imperfections, is exactly what make video so delicious.

I’m naked in every video I’ve posted online. In all of my dorkyness, everything I would love to improve via diet and exercise and a few intensive sessions with a voice and acting coach. Every bra strap foible, the phone ringing in the background, the fire trucks sirens on the street outside my apartment, the way I keep forgetting my train of thought, the annoying way I play with my hair.

That vulnerability, that being real, that glimpse into who you really are, that is what will endear your audience to you.

Video is the most intimate connection you can have outside of meeting each person face-to-face. As leveraged as online video is, it’s one on one – it’s your viewers, sitting in their homes or offices, by themselves, watching you.

The more real you are, the more yourself, the more you speak your truth and let your idiotness and weirdness and imperfections show, the more your audience will fall in love with you.

So the first step is to just freaking get over being naked and decide to strip it all off – regardless of how you think you look underneath.

Meanwhile – have you done video yet? Why not? What’s holding you back? What questions do you have about online video?

I’d love to hear from you below!


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Elizabeth Potts WeinsteinElizabeth Potts Weinstein empowers solo-entrepreneurs to make a greater difference in the world and become more successful & fulfilled, by doing what is a natural extension of who they really are. She's also a mom, attorney, author, speaker, coach, radio show host, twitter chat host, video blogging addict, tweetup connoisseur, aspiring adventurer, amateur pole dancer, people loving introvert, and truth evangelist. If you want to follow her on her adventures and learn how to find other like-minded people who are speaking & living their truth, find her at http://twitter.com/ElizabethPW or at http://www.elizabethpottsweinstein.com/.


  1. Those were ALL the reasons I had excuses for not vlogging. I vow to start this week!! Thanks for this post, it was well needed!


  2. Laura my last post WAS a video and I am completely ‘naked’! What do you think? My speech goes out of rhythm, I repeat a few things, I hadn’t rehearsed at all since it was a juicing video. Anyway, I was sure brave to post it (brave or something) :)!

  3. I love seeing you naked. #thatisall

  4. I think you pretty much (un)covered the reasons that I’ve been reluctant… I agree with the power of connecting through video, and that will be my summer project.

    Thank you Elizabeth and Laura

  5. Tiphani – awesome! I look forward to seeing it!

    Farnoosh – yay re video & no rehearsing & being brave. (btw, insanity & being brave is pretty much the same thing.

    Megan – #loveyou

    Linda – congrats, let us know when you have those videos up!

  6. You’ve given me a whole new slant to the joys of being exposed :-). Thanks for this terrific and honest encouragement.

  7. We started with one of the “stripped down” versions about a year ago (It is still up on YouTube)but have gone to lighting and editing in the name of matching the company image. The biggest draw backs are the time and cost for editing but we wouldn’t be able to do the text and graphic overlays in house and I do think they help. What do you think? If you follow the link, skip the Oval-8 video as that was done years ago.

  8. Fredrik Wallinder says:

    Ok, I don’t want to spoil any business ventures, but here are a few practical tips as to video production. The light is crucial, be outdoors in the sun or buy a 1 kW builder lamp and direct it to the ceiling. Or buy special lamps, one should be high up to simulate the sun. Sound is also important, get a video camera with mic input. I use the Kodak Z1, rather cheap and records in HD. A Flip killer. The microphone is a cable connected capacitor mic of the type TV hosts use. Wireless mics are nice but expensive. Editing on a PC is done easily with the free Movie Maker if you only need Youtube quality, for more high quality stuff I’d use Sony Vegas for PC or Final Cut for Mac.


  9. This is really convincing. But I wonder if some people just aren’t right for video? I personally despise hearing my voice on an answering machine or posting pictures of myself on Facebook for friends to see, so I can’t imagine the horror of seeing myself on video.

    Also, I personally never watch videos. I just like reading online. I know that some people prefer video, so perhaps I’ll try it one day. But is it really necessary to do something that makes you THAT uncomfortable?

  10. Wow, it’s like you’ve read my mind. I’m in the process of creating a video course on using social media to land a job and while I know it’s going to be awesome, every day I think “Oh, can’t do the video today because my hair’s a mess.” Or, “My favorite shirt is in the wash.” Thanks for kicking my ass into gear.

  11. Laura,

    You are so right. I made my first video yesterday and have been putting it off for weeks…
    It’s up and running at http://www.NextOneManCloser.com – warts, imperfections and all. Thanks for the support and the reminder of the big why behind it all.


  12. Laura,

    We are our own worst critics! I have done several videos and became paralyzed when someone commented on me moving my hands around to much. But, that’s me! I talk with my hands. Thanks for the reminder and now I know I have to get “naked” again.

  13. Ok, I’m right there with the rest of you. I keep telling myself I’m going to do video. Heck, I’ve written several Facebook how to tutorials that could have easily been accomplished with video, but I always seem to come up with some excuse as to why I can’t seem to get the video done.

    Thanks for the call out! Great suggestions!

  14. Great Stuff, do you currently have a youtube account?