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Artists are going to rise up and rule the world.

Photo: Miles to Go by Darlene Foster If you don’t see it coming, then stick with me for a moment. Recently a large number of thought leaders have talked about how the artist mentality is where this century is going. Dan Pink’s book A Whole New Mind talks about how we are entering the Conceptual… [Read More]

How to Automate Scheduled Updates Across All of Your Social Networks

In the video above I reference this video, which shows how to update all of your social networking profiles at once. Interesting, if not a little over-engineered. (The email send to the customer and to them could be handled from Gravity Forms.) Transcript: Definitely a nice little time-saver for cutting down on administrative tasks involved… [Read More]

How Social Media Can Help You Trust Yourself

The experts are wrong when they say fear is one of the biggest obstacles between you and your business success. Well, at least they’re only half right: lack of self-trust is the other half of the equation. During one of my past lives as a youth program coordinator, one of my favorite things was facilitating… [Read More]

How to Have High Value Relaxation

This video talks about high value work, high value relaxation, and why you want to avoid the “gray zone” in between. Transcript: Hey I am Laura Roeder and I just wanted to share today something that I learnt about at Eben Pagan’s Guru Business Model Seminar. I think it was called the Guru Business Plan… [Read More]

Why Small Business is Good Business

Today’s guest video post is all about why small is good. Hear Kevin discuss why “chintzy music and a mellifluous voice” can ruin your business!  

How to Easily Build a Community of Raving Fans In Your Business

The most important component of your business is YOU. Most people do pretty well with the technical aspects of setting up a blog, developing a website, creating their email list, and beginning to write informative articles. But there is another component of the success formula that many people are missing or avoiding. And that piece… [Read More]