Why Small Business is Good Business

Today’s guest video post is all about why small is good. Hear Kevin discuss why “chintzy music and a mellifluous voice” can ruin your business!



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Kevin_Delaney_150_borderKevin Delaney is an actor and voiceover artist in Los Angeles. In addition to a gazillion TV & radio commercials, Kevin can been heard as the voice of Captain Marvel in the video game Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, and the childlike XT-002 Deconstructor in World of Warcraft. Check out Kevin's blog on "prosperity, abundance, and the Esthetic Life": http://WealthyBohemian.com


  1. Wow Kevin,

    Thank You SO much! I love your energy. And what fascinating content! Gary Vaynerchuck has famously said that “giving a f***” is coming in, which I think ties in to your message really well.

    Thanks again. I’m popping over to your blog now.

    And *hi* to Laura.


  2. Kevin, you really hit the nail on the head here. Being a small business is great! As a small company you are in control of the personal touch that most large retailers can’t provide. When you say “small businesses are able to serve customers in ways that large businesses can’t,” provides so much truth to those just starting out. Keeping a small feel is much more attractive to anyone looking for great service. I like how you reference using websites that show your company to be larger than it really is as a disservice. Being able to provide a connection that the large organizations can’t is a huge benefit to the small business world. Great video!