How To Set Up & Schedule A New Webinar Using GoToWebinar



Hi this is Laura Roeder from and today I am showing you how to create a new webinar using GoToWebinar. So when you first want to go to webinar, it likes to confuse you by taking you to the my meetings screen, you don’t want to create a meeting, that’s for a very small group, you want to create a webinar. So the first step is to click on my webinar on the left hand side. There is a little blue floor next to it and click on schedule a webinar. It’s going to take you through a three step process; I will explain what everything means.

The first step is just to enter your webinar name and description and then schedule the webinar right here, choose your time zone, choose if it’s reoccurring and then you will choose your audio options. This is the audio for how your listeners are going to attend. You can choose telephone meaning people call in or VOIP, Voice Over IP meaning your listeners can use their computers and microphones and speakers. I like to use both to give people the option or if you are more advance and high tech you can provide your own conference call number. Both is the easiest solution. This is where you check if you want to require a password, you can skip this panelist thing in most cases save and continue.

Now here’s where you design your webinar theme and waiting rooms, they have a few options for you here business, basic, PR, sales, training, I like the training one, it’s got a nice green design. You can also click here to upload your logo or click here to upload a custom image; it will also allow you to customize your waiting room where people are waiting for the webinar to start with some custom colors. You can also enter your name as a presenter here, this is totally optional. Another optional thing is to enter your welcome message that attendees see when they arrive. You can preview this by clicking preview themes and preview waiting room, again this entire section is optional, you don’t have to customize anything under to branding and theme. You will hit save and continue and move on to the final step three which is registration.

The default requires a lot of information from people from webinar attendees. I see a lot of webinars requiring a full address and I think the reason is, it’s just the default go to webinar. But you probably don’t want to require this much information. So go ahead and hit clear all. The more info you require from people, the less people are going to sign up for your webinar and you probably don’t need their mailing address, you just need what’s required, the first name, last name, email address. So I recommend that you hit clear all and only require these top three things. You can also use these fields to create your own questions, either a check box, question with answers or a longer question down here after registering, you can let people register automatically is probably what you want to do or you can approve them manually which means they sign up for the webinar then you say yes I approve and they can attend. You probably want to choose automatically. You can also type a URL here some sort of thank you for signing up page that you create if you want to send people to a custom page or you can leave all these stuff as the default. Then you are done, you are going to hit save and email me the invitation.

Go to webinar, we will email you the invitation and I used to think that I had to click email me the invitation whenever I wanted that link. So your invitation contains the link that you are going to send people to sign up for your webinar but there is an easier way to get the link, you can actually get it right from the screen by clicking on this little yellow button. It is much hidden I am not sure why. But you click on the yellow button that is next to the start time of your webinar and it will give you the registration web link. This is the link that you copy and paste to send people to sign up for your webinars. So you go through, you create the webinar and then the way people sign up is that you provide them this link right here, the registration web link. Again you can find it by clicking on the little yellow arrow, little yellow plus sign next to your webinar. Again this is Laura Roeder with

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  1. Thank you Laura. Easy, quick an very appriciated video! Gry

  2. Forgot one thing ;)
    Have one question Laura that I hope you can answer: How do you link the registrated listener to you aweber account? I want to collect their e-mails and follow them up

  3. As usual, great information. Thank you! :)

  4. Laura, you’re wonderful at taking the mystery out of things that seem hard! Hope you’ll do more training on running a webinar. And show how to display your computer screen to your webinar participants :-).

  5. I just love your practicality, and honesty and insights and consistency:)
    Thanks again for some very useful info!

  6. Hi Laura – First of all, love your stuff! Second, do you have any tips on integrating GoToWebinar registration with an autoresponder (like Aweber)? I’ve used GTW for several webinars in the past year and I like the platform, but I haven’t found a good solution for integrating with my subscriber list.

  7. Thanks, Laura. Another reason to switch to infusionsoft I guess :)