Tweet From Your Phone

Tweeting from your phone can make keeping up with Twitter much easier, and provide a little relationship-building fun while you’re waiting in line at the post office!  Since we’re all a little short on time and stuck waiting in traffic (or long lines!) I wanted to show you how to set up (or update) Twitter from your mobile phone.

Most people think that you need a smartphone like an iPhone to tweet but that’s actually not true! As long as you have text messaging capabilities, you can tweet.

Here’s how:

– Sign into your Twitter account and click on “settings” in the top right corner
– From there click on the “Mobile” link in the blue bar
– From this page, follow the instructions to link your cell phone to your account if you have not already, then
– Look for the line “Send Tweets using text messages with this phone. Just send your tweets to _____” Take note of that number (it’s 40404 in the US) and add it to your phone’s address book under the name “Twitter”
– When you want to tweet on the go, simply send a text message (make sure it’s under 140 characters!) to the “Twitter” contact you saved in your address book

If you have a smartphone, go ahead and install a Twitter app for even easier tweeting on the go. Twitter makes its own app for all smartphones. Check out!/download and you can get app specific for each smartphone.

Now – send me ( @lkr ) a tweet from your new setup and let me know you got yourself all set up!


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