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Drive Traffic To Your Website from Your Videos

You know that videos are The Hot Thing, but they can have a downside as well. When videos are hosted on sites like there’s a danger of keeping your audience on youtube instead of your own site – not good! To combat this, you need to make it super easy for people to get… [Read More]

How To Not Show Other Videos At The End of Your YouTube Video

“Do you know how to set up the preferences so that at the end of the video it doesn’t show a whole lot of other people’s videos as options to click on to?” Yes! Watch this video to find out. A lot of people try and look for a youtube setting, but this option is actually… [Read More]

No, Press Releases Are Not Out!

You might think that press releases are part of the old school PR way of doing things, that they have been pushed out of the way by blogs, email and even social media; but news releases, more specifically, online press releases are still alive and kicking. Press releases are still a great FREE way to… [Read More]

Why I Go to So Many Marketing Conferences

Using Conversation Hooks on Facebook To Build Relationships

I’ve been using Facebook since early 2005. Back then, before the social media “boom”, Facebook was simply a place for college students to keep in touch with friends, whether sharing homework assignments, planning a night on the town, inviting, people to coffee, or just chit-chatting. In short, Facebook’s appeal was social. Today, that appeal continues,… [Read More]

4 Tips To Market Your Business Like A Hollywood Blockbuster

Imagine starting work one day and a line of people are waiting to work with you. There are hundreds of people lined up out the front, with the line winding down the block, around the corner and out of sight. There are even some people in sleeping bags or sitting on foldout chairs sipping coffee… [Read More]

Adapting to Social Media in a Highly Niche Market

If you’ve studied marketing for any length of time, you’ve likely already come across the adage that all marketing must be held ruthlessly accountable for measurable results. As a firm believer in testing and tracking every little bit of marketing I do, I was initially confused about how to apply tracking methodologies to this whole… [Read More]